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Qounter announces new shopping deal- earn cash shopping online

2022-09-23 09:46:14 Automotive


(20th June 2019): Online shopping is now easier and rewarding than ever with Qounter. They have recently launched a new scheme where users can earn cash when shopping online with Qounter. Download the app, enter your registration and dealer and log back again with your user id and password. After logging browse through thousands of shopping sites that are registered with them. After purchasing start getting cash rewards directly in the account. No links or codes are required and earn in retail stores and restaurants as well.

Qounter has proven expertise in cash back and boasts a rich coterie of superstores on their app. Social cash backs will be more beneficial than ever before with thousands in rewards waiting for pickup. Moreover, the number of contacts added will determine the number of cash backs. For the influencers, they are offering free feeds on the sites to help them dictate brand awareness.

Online shopping offers ease and convenience which shopping in physical stores doesn't. In the age of smartphones, shopping through apps has become the most time-saving option. Qounter has a relatively simple app, which allows the users easy browsing features for them to navigate the site. Everyone is eligible for social Cashback on this app. Download the app and start shopping right now. Qounter offers you a wide variety of shopping options. Shopping is now fun and easy with contacts earning easy cash backs like users. Additional benefits include cash earned being directly credited to the account which in turn can be used to donate to charities. This brand very elaborately explains how Social Cashback works by giving detailed descriptions.

Generate lots of cash rewards for friends and family shopping online with this site. This app also gives better cash rewards than any other sites. The brand follows the simple motto of sharing is caring which enables users to share the cash rewards with the linked contacts from social media platforms and also allowing to donate to charity. This app is surely a winner with loads of hard cash on offer. The amount of cash back is displayed beside the product upon entering a particular superstore. The site is 100% genuine and free of scams or malware.

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