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Qounter announces cash back for linking social media contacts

2023-05-23 01:53:41 Automotive


(20th June 2019): Qounter has recently announced they are giving huge social cash back rewards to the users of their app. These social cash backs will benefit users when they add their friends or relatives from social media sites. The cash gets automatically credited in the account.

Social cash is a reward program which is designed on the website to aid users to get cash benefits when they link or build contacts from their sites. Social cash rewards are a type of benefit program which helps the users to avail huge rewards in the form of hard cash. There are varieties of cash reward programs which are given to the holders of debit or credit cards. There are also cash rewards which accrue points on the mobile numbers or payback cards of the customers. These points help to generate discounts which can be used for making further purchases. The social Cashback cards of this brand also give cash rewards to donate to charity. So adding contacts will be responsible as the user can donate generously to various charities against the cash reward credited in their accounts.

Now, shop online with Qounter by downloading their app. There are innumerable superstores listed on their website which will allow the user to have a shopping spree. It is completely free and is connected to the famous stores. Qounter also allows users to see the deals that are popular on the social feeds which help to get the best deals from the best stores. So, earn huge rewards when you shop online with Qounter.

The best shopping deals are with this brand which makes it convenient for the user to choose from multiple shopping options. Also, the user can donate to the charity of their choice which makes this app socially responsible. Send money from the user account to other accounts and also transfer to any other contact. It is fast, convenient and easy to use. So, start to shop and earn huge social cash backs.

Qounter offers a unique experience of shopping online and also connecting with friends and family all under one roof. Take advantage of this great deals being offered on this cash back app.

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