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Pedal-operated electric motorcycle: World première of the new eROCKIT

2023-09-22 08:41:52 Automotive


Hennigsdorf, Berlin (forpressrelease) June 20, 2019 - Flurry of flashlights and prominent guests at "TheDrivery" in Berlin, Germany! Last week the launch of the eROCKIT 2019 Series was celebrated with celebrities, press, partners and clients. The unique pedal-operated electric motorcycle is synonymous with gigantic acceleration, 100% riding fun and 0 emissions. The evening's VIP guests were greatly impressed by the prize-winning design and the charisma of the eROCKIT in the world of electric mobility.

CAPTION: Andy Zurwehme (CEO eROCKIT Systems), Martin Kesici (German rockstar) and his girlfriend Mandy

The eROCKIT vehicle concept puts people at the focus of the mobility of the future. The innovative clutch-free direct drive of the eROCKIT combines well with the intelligent and intuitive pedal control. Operation of the eROCKIT is extremely simple: The rider pedals as on a normal bike and, depending on the riding behavior, his muscle power is multiplied by more than 50 times to give him an indescribable, magical riding experience. The eROCKIT is thus a Human Hybrid.

With a top speed of over 50 mph, a battery range of more than 75 miles and a charging time at a normal household plug socket of just four hours, the eROCKIT is the ideal vehicle for commuters, business and leisure. Andreas Zurwehme (CEO eROCKIT Systems GmbH): "We have set ourselves the goal of making our world a better place to live! The eROCKIT has the power to change: It shows that sustainability means bonus and not sacrifice."

The eROCKIT is developed and produced in Hennigsdorf in Brandenburg, near Berlin. The 2019 Series models can be ordered for a price of EUR 11,850. The delivery in Germany starts this summer, customers abroad can already reserve their eROCKIT online now and they can be the first ones in their country to receive an eROCKIT. Latest in 2020 delivery times regarding the international market will be announced. Here is the link for the reservation:

eROCKIT facts:

- Brushless, permanent magnet synchronous motor with 16 kW maximum power
- Battery capacity 6.6 kWh
- Top speed 50 mph
- Range 75 miles
- Aluminium frame
- Light alloy rims
- Carbon components
- Telemetry app
- Weight 120 kg

eROCKIT Systems wishes to thank its partners and sponsors of the Launch Party: TheDrivery, Beets & Roots, BVG, HELD Biker Fashion, Louis Motorrad, Schuberth Helmets, 360WeAre, SNG.AG, Plumento Foods, Naturstrom, FaSTTUBe and RedBull.

More pictures and interviews on request:
Press information:


An electric motorcycle is revolutionizing the electric mobility industry with its intuitive drive system: The eROCKIT is as easy to operate as a bicycle but has the performance of a motorcycle. With a few kicks in the pedals one can achieve a breathtaking acceleration and speeds of over 50 mph. A team of international two-wheeler experts develops and produces the vehicles in Hennigsdorf near Berlin.


eROCKIT Systems GmbH
Eduard-Maurer-Straße 13
16761 Hennigsdorf / Germany

CEO Andreas Zurwehme
Phone: +49-3302-2309-125


Company :-eROCKIT Systems GmbH


Phone :-+49-3302-2309-125

Url :-

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