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Ecosmob Announce Contact Center Solution for Large Scale Industries

2019-06-18 06:19:12 Technology


Large scale enterprises with multi-branch operations in various geographical regions need a different contact center attuned to their needs and Ecosmob has come up with a comprehensive communication solution.
Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announced contact center solution custom developed to suit requirements or large scale industries.

Ecosmob call center solution is specifically loaded with features that large scale industries need to streamline communications and boost productivity while delivering customer delight.

A brief look at the features shows that Ecosmob contact center software has the standard SIP trunk management, DID management, progressive dialer, recording features. Then there is campaign management, lead management and agent management. Skill based intelligent routing and advanced call distributor seamlessly divert calls to the right person wherever he may be located, even porting calls to his mobile. The solution also features agent hunting, call queuing, hold, barge in and whisper facilities. These features permit flawless communications with customers and vendors as well as between teams in various locations.

Multi-tenancy is refined to let a large enterprise keep track of individual branch operations and yet allow seamless connectivity. Apart from communications, this feature keeps track of calls and usage patterns aided by accounting and billing facility.

The standout feature of Ecosmob call center solution is WebRTC integration. This brings untold benefits. One, it frees the enterprise from having to invest heavily in hardware IPPBX technologies with associated maintenance worries. At another level WebRTC contact center software permits audio and video chats as well as conferences and sharing of video within video and documents. Whether it is interaction with a customer, a potential buyer, a vendor or between production and head office or between teams, WebRTC plays a key role in enhancing the interactive experience. It can be used on mobiles too and directly contributes to productivity and growth through seamless, fast and immediate communication.

Ecosmob team ties the contact center software into a backend CRM and IVR to complete the communications circle. This integration translates to higher conversions, better customer experience and sharply insightful data analytics for the large scale enterprise.

As for costs, Ecosmob CC solution is entirely affordable in that it can be opted for as a hosted package with inherent scalability. Enterprises can ramp up use when a campaign has to be launched and scale down when it is low season. A unified communication system in place with social media integration further helps in marketing, sales and communication. A single dashboard gives effective overview of all that is happening and users at each level may use the dashboard for their specific functions. To sum it up, Ecosmob’s call center solution for large enterprises is one of the best, well thought-out and superbly executed implementation of communication technologies.

Enterprises interested in raising their communications to a higher level may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 1-303-997-3139, 91 79 40054019 or chat live on

Company :-Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Phone :-13039973139

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