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Carousel USA Launches New Parking Slider Product

2021-10-12 07:58:32 Automotive


Carousel USA is pleased to announce they have launched a new product called the parking slider. This product is designed to make it easier to store vehicles in difficult-to-reach areas and eliminate dead space by moving a vehicle horizontally into position.

The parking sliders available from Carousel USA works with most passenger vehicles and works with smooth electrical operations for ease of use. Once purchased, the product requires no or little site work. The parking slider is backed by a five year warranty to ensure it continues to work as intended.

Because many garages have dead space that would fit a vehicle but no effective way to get a car into that position, Carousel USA saw fit to create a product that would resolve this issue and allow both residents and commercial garages to make good use of the space for storing vehicles in that previously inaccessible space.

Carousel USA specializes in creating custom solutions to parking and other storage solutions for vehicles of all types for both commercial and residential purposes. The new parking slider is just another way the company is improving vehicle accessibility.

Anyone interested in learning about the new parking slider product can find out more by visiting the Carousel USA website or by calling 866-796-5975.

About Carousel USA: Carousel USA provides parking and access solutions for businesses and individuals. They create customized solutions to the specifications of each of their clients to ensure the best results. Some of their products include commercial and residential turntables, surface mount turntables, parking sliders and motion control turntables.

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