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Pharmagaia Develops Unique Energy Drink containing CBD

2019-11-09 10:13:39 Lifestyle


Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drinks is with extract of CBD using Advanced Nanotechnology.

It has several benefits for health

Pharmagia Inc is developing a product line including Pharmagaia CBD water and Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drink. The CBD beverages are more than just for thirst. The production process applied nanotechnology breaks down the CBD particles into nanoparticles which is infused into the beverages. As a result, it produces a drink that acts like a bioavailable CBD source and can give health benefits for the consumers. There are at least 10 benefits of the CBD water.

  • Increased flexibility

The CBD water can improve flexibility due to its post-workout inflammation and pain reduction. In this case, the water is better to consume before, during, and after the workout.

  • Mood Booster

The water as an effective mood-booster. One of the benefits from CBD is mood booster. Many consumers realize that their moods are better after consuming CBD.

  • Reduced Inflammation

Pharmagaia Energy Drink can reduce inflammation after activities, including workouts. By controlling the inflammation, consumers can enjoy other benefits in those activities.

  • Relaxing muscle

The muscle is getting more relaxed after drinking the CBD drink. It is due to the natural characteristic of CBD nano-water that makes the stressed muscle be back to normal.

  • Fasten recovery after a workout

The water can fasten the recovery after a workout. While others may feel pain and uncomfortable, the CBD consumers tend to feel better.

  • Increased energy

It increases energy more. It is still related to the less pain and inflammation caused by the drink mentioned before.

  • Improved focus and concentration

The CBD energy drink is helpful for focus improvement. So, it is recommended for the students and workers who need to study and do their jobs with a high concentration.

  • Relieve Joint Pain

Not only the muscles but also effective to relieve the joint pain. It also has important roles for the joint improvement as well.

  • Boost lactic acid reduction

The CBD drink can boost the lactic acid reduction. The water successfully improves blood flow. It enables to bring more oxygen to the muscles and consequently, the lactic acid can be cleared faster.

  • Improved endurance in training

Lastly, it improves endurance in training and workout naturally so that the consumers can work harder and longer.

About Pharmagaia Inc

Pharmagaia is a company that concerns on health by applying nanotechnology in the production process of the CBD beverages. One of the featured products is Pharmagaia CBD Energy Drink. The company chose CBD water over CBD oil due to its taste and bioavailability, where the CBD water taste more refreshing and virtually 100% of the CBD in water is used by the body. The water is processed by breaking the CBD particles into nanoparticles to make them evenly encapsulated in a water cluster.


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