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HeatSign Introduces Latest Technology Pin Marking

2019-07-17 06:29:20 Industry


One of the biggest problems faced by manufacturers is keeping a track of the products and decreasing the risk of replicas. The best solution to this problem is to mark your products. Since there are numerous ways to engrave your product, the traditional methods are slow and time-consuming. Another problem is that they are not capable of engraving different types of materials.

A great solution to this problem is Pin Marking. HeatSign is an amazing company offering a wide range of pin marking products. The Pin Marking or Dot Peen Marking is a technique used to mark the products. The machine will create small dots for creating a curved line or straight line.

A wonderful thing about this technology is that it is super fast in marking the products. The technology will efficiently and accurately mark all types of products. The pin marking machine will exert less force on the surface of the material.

Moreover, this technology is capable of marking the products directly and permanently. This technology will not burn a hole in your pocket as it doesn’t require heavy maintenance and has fewer consumables. This makes it a cost-efficient technology that delivers a low-stress mark on various surfaces.

In addition, the pin marking technology can mark various materials including glass, metals, ceramic, and plastic. No matter the shape of your product, the pin marking is a great way to engrave products. Another outstanding feature of this technology is that it uses advanced software. This enables to engrave the products with various characters like data matrix code, graphic outline, numbers, and much more.

Since it is an efficient way to mark goods, the application of this technology is not limited to just one industry. It is useful in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, military equipment, and many more.
The pin marking is an excellent technique that can be used to mark graphics, text, and logos. This can help in making a product from simple equipment to a specialty or a promotional product. You can use this technology for valves, pipes, VIN number, cattle identification, and property inventory.
The Pin marking technique is easy to use and is flexible. This technology is an efficient way to improve the production process. Many conventional techniques are not accurate and slow down the production process. This is because the machine will take time to mark the product that will lead to an impact on the volume of the marked products in a day.

Now, with the pin marking technology you can speed up the engraving process. This will increase the number of items marked in a day.

HeatSign is a market leader that is bringing new and advanced solutions to the marking industry. They provide a versatile and efficient way to mark your products.

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