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FATbit Technologies Increases Focus on Mobile Apps Business

2019-06-19 07:57:12 Design


World is fast shifting from desktops to smaller machines like smartphones and tablets. Thus, to keep up with the pace of growth, businesses too have started taking the revolution of handheld devices seriously. Perhaps, that is why when FATbit Technologies, a celebrated web design company, recently announced that it will be increasing focus on its mobile apps business, web market specialists weren’t surprised. On the eve of announcement, head of investments and planning was available for comment;

“The move was inevitable, I guess. The pace with which the market of mobile applications is growing, such devices are going to dictate our everyday life very soon. There is humongous potential in the apps business and our management is well aware of that. That is why we have thought of giving more attention to the mobile division. I am sure that our clients who have bestowed us with the title of best web design company will not be taken aback with the announcement as they are well aware how we love to keep up with market demands”

FATbit has been active in the business of mobile website designing for quite some time now and is well aware that people are experimenting with apps. The firm also has a strong presence in the mobile apps business too. The increased focus only indicates to the fact that it wishes to be the most dominating player in the market. Marketing head of the firm was available for comment;

“Our clients trust us with their mobile applications. We have helped businesses in getting the best of mobile devices and have also assisted their business growth with our mobile website design services. Our commitment to the mobile field has only got a boost with increased investment. While we are celebrated as a website design company, we also wish to make the same name in apps business”

It has been highlighted that along with being of financial nature, focus would also be in terms of research and designing talent. Hence, there are fair chances of hiring in the fields of development. Senior HR confirmed the speculation with her comment;

“We believe that talent is very critical in the expansion phase. No one has the time to wait long periods to get their work done. To accomplish the increased flow of projects, hiring of the best talent in the market is very critical”

FATbit Technologies is addressed as the ‘best web development company’ by its clients. It has been in the business of web services since 2004 and is also revered for its SEO and reputation services.

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