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After the last massive shootings, Florida returned to the Wild West by LAW

2019-12-05 10:12:17 News & Society


Florida; on Wednesday, May 1, Tallahassee passed a Bill to allow school teachers to carry guns in the classroom. This is a response to the massacre at Parkland High School.

We return to the old and Wild, Wild West, where everything was resolved by bullets and guns. We will know afterward who is the best “gunman”. But what we won't know is Who, as in the movies, makes more money. As it always comes out, it is the funeral homes. They just will sell more coffins. We have more deaths and human losses and the real cause of violence will continue under the table unnoticed as the real reasons for the mass shootings goes unseen and unaddressed.

Violence, history has shown, only brings more violence, especially if one of the parties to the conflict is completely “DRUGED”. It has been the case that the perpetrators of each mass shooting are completely drugged boys, medicated, and under the effects of psychiatric drugs.

"People who take drugs do not always see the real world in front of them. They are not really there. "L. Ron Hubbard.

Discover the truth behind the pharmaceutical industry.

Citizen Commission for Human Rights

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