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Vindaloo VoIP Launched Vin4Switch: Class 4 Softswitch Product

2019-07-21 05:30:50 Computer


Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the popular VoIP companies around the world. The company offers a wide range of IT services and solutions to benefit the customers of the company. Recently, one of the representatives of Vindaloo VoIP announced launch of Vin4Switch: Class 4 Softswitch solution.
The Vin4Switch is a ready to use class 4 softswitch solution, which is developed on top of the most robust VoIP development technologies. It can handle thousands of calls per second as well as thousands of concurrent calls which make it the perfect VoIP softswitch solution for the wholesale VoIP service provider business.
The representative of the company shared, “This Class 4 softswitch solution is developed by keeping global wholesale VoIP business in mind. It has all features to support wholesale and bulk VoIP business. Also, it is in compliance with the law and legislation of the standard wholesale telecommunication business. It will save time otherwise wasted on the development of the class 4 softswitch solution as it is a ready to use product. One can install Vin4Switch immediately and start running his wholesale VoIP business with the most advanced technology.
As per the shared details Vin4Swith: class 4 softswitch solution is furnished with a wide array of features. Below is the list of the major features available in the Vin4Switch: Class 4 Softswitch Software Solution:
• Dashboard
• Remote access with a web based user panel
• GUI based panel to perform administrative operation
• Support for agents
• Support for SMS and all SMS APIs
• Support for emergency number
• Support for additional minutes
• Support for any third party APIs
• Support multiple types of protocols
• Multiple types of call routing
o Least cost routing (LCR)
o Automated call routing
o Dialplan routing
• Support for all different types of codecs such as, GSM, iLBC, Speex, H.264, G729, G711, etc.
• Management of multiple carriers
• Management of DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers
• Additional security mechanism
• Integrated billing system
o Prepaid billing support
o Postpaid billing support
o SMS price management
o Balance management
o Automated billing
o Invoicing
• Call Detail Repots
• Reports
• And more
The Vin4Switch: class 4 softswitch solution supports different languages and it is available in a multilingual version to benefit customers and users in different countries with different languages. It also has a complete billing solution integrated within the system so customers don’t need to invest in the 3rd party billing software to automate the billing process.
To showcase all the details related to this ready to use class 4 softswitch product, the company has added an exclusive webpage on its website. The webpage is available under “Product” menu section, which highlights brief details of the Vin4Switch: class 4 softswitch solution. Also, it shares a complete list of features one can have with this ready to buy class 4 softswitch solution. The webpage is added to educate the website visitors and to provide quick access to information about the solution to the existing customers as per the shared details by the spokesperson of the company. Visit to view this webpage.

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