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PLEI Design Launches Nanobook: An Indestructible EDC Stone Paper Pocket Notebook

2019-08-13 08:12:16 Business


London, England, April 25, 2019 -- With four successful Kickstarter campaigns already under their belt, London-based design studio PLEI Design is hoping Nanobook will be lucky number five.

“Like our other designs Nanobook came about by re-imagining an item we use every day. In fact, it was while we were drawing up measurements for our last Kickstarter Campaign for our travel wallet that we realised we should take a look at the humble notepad. The outdoors are notoriously unpredictable, and this can be a serious hinderance for those who are working or recording information on their travels. While there are currently every day carry (EDC) products on the market, the majority of them are too big and bulky, making them impossible to use in all situations. With Nanobook, we have created a solution to this problem..” Frank, PLEI

PLEI Design's decision to make Nanobook from Stone paper means it is not only the ideal notepad, but water-proof, grease-proof and also virtually indestructible.

Like many of their other designs, Nanobook is a not a new idea, but a good idea made better. It's easier to use, tougher, non-slip and the whole thing is just 8cm by 5cm for your palm.

Early-bird shoppers can pick three for only £6.

You can find more by contacting PLEI Design here...

Arman Waily
PLEI Design
London, England

Company :-PLEI Design


Phone :-82806--

Mobile:- -


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