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Chikungunya child shifted recently from Delhi by Vedanta Air Ambulance with full security

2019-08-23 07:47:24 Health and Fitness


April 25, 2019- Today the day of cut-throat competition and it is making its position at the peak in the matter of air ambulance services by charted aircraft and train ambulance services. Vedanta Air Ambulance in India is always ready and curious to take its patients anytime. Recently our company transferred one child suffering from Chikungunya.

This is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. It cans origin high fever, joint and muscle pain, and headache. There is, however, no specific treatment for the disease. One would need to take rest and devour fluids until the symptoms go away, suggests WebMD.

Well-Experienced MD Doctors in Air Ambulance Service in Delhi includes medications, ventilators, ECGs and monitoring units, CPR equipment, scoop stretchers, and wheelchairs. It has a great team of MD Doctors and best team of paramedical technicians and also Medical Charted Aircraft with all advanced equipment's. We are rendering the updated medical instruments in Aircraft for proper monitoring process likewise Suction Unit, Ultrasound Scanner, Cardiac Monitor, Iv Pumps and other special ones too. With the enormous experience of patient transfer, we have expanded the rank and reputation of being the most trusted Air Ambulance operator in India and even abroad.

Some helpful features of our Service are:

Least-Cost Air Ambulance
Affordable Service with MD Doctors
Bed to Bed Patient Transfer
Peer to peer patient care with commitment and compassion
Full ICU setup
Highly Qualified and Experienced Doctor and paramedics
Transparent Services and 24/7 availability
This Air Ambulance Service in Patna provides the emergency air medical transfer service which is really satisfactory, easy to transfer and full of trustworthy and reliable, these all things are absolutely true and doubtless. We never put the exceeding cost before the guests or clients those who have requirements of private air ambulance anytime from anywhere in the city.


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