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Bat Messenger for Android v.3 .1.2 is available for FREE on Google Play

2019-08-22 02:53:19 Technology


A few days ago, Bat Messenger has been released the version 3.1.2 on Google Play. The app encrypts all messages, using many Encryption Algorithms to prevent hack attack. Stay safe, anonymous and private with Bat Messenger. Bat Messenger can be downloaded for free on Google Play now!

How does Bat Messenger ensure security?
1. Tunnel Encryption.
2. Content Encryption.
3. Server Database Security.
4. Key Security.
Who will use Bat Messenger?
1. Users that want a messaging app which can encrypt all messages, photos, audio & video messages, and files.
2. Users that want a messaging app whose registration doesn't need any personal information like phone number, contact list, and email address.
3. Users who think privacy and security of personal information is important.
4. Users who don't want unknown contacts on their messaging app.
5. Users who want to chat anonymously and speak their mind freely.
6. Users who want to communicate efficiently on their messaging app.
Bat messenger has all of the basic messaging tools users are going to need, including send text, audio & video messages, photos, files, group chats, and audio & video calls. All messages sent with Bat Messenger are end-to-end encrypted.
Registration for Bat Messenger won't ask for users' phone number and email address. All users need to do is to set a password. Except that, Bat Messenger provides some powerful features to guard users' privacy.
1. Confidential Code: users must enter the right code to view their messages. Users can set different confidential codes for different contacts, which can save them from the embarrassing situation when people around them trying to peeping at their phone screen to view their messages.
2. Anonymous Chat: users can chat with contact anonymously. They can speak their mind freely in an anonymous group chat. Bat Messenger will distribute a new username to each member and members won't know who adds them. Personal information is not viewable here.
3. Prikey Management: PriKey is a private key while PubKey is a public key. They are generated in pair. Either of the keys can be used to encrypt a message; the opposite key of the pair is used for decryption.
4. Temporary Chat: users can chat with people without being added as a contact on Bat Messenger. Just share the QR code of the temporary chat, users can start to chat with each other. When someone decides to leave a temporary chat, there isn't an embarrassing notification to tell other members that he left.
5. Retract All: normally, most messaging app support message retraction, but the retraction has time limitation. However, users can retract all messages without a time limit with Bat Messenger.
6. Touch ID: users can unlock Bat Messenger with their fingerprint.
7. Destroy Password: users can destroy their Bat account by entering the destroy password set by them before in case of emergency. The destroyed account can be recovered by no means.
At present, Bat Messenger support English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. (Many other languages are coming...).
Bat Messenger works on iOS, Android and the platform of Web. It can be downloaded on Google Play for free now!
Download here:
Google Play:

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