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VEESAR Subverts the Model of Stock Arbitrage, Moving Industry Giants AMgen&iShares' Cakes

2019-07-22 05:17:18 Business


(April 22, 2019): In 2018, ETF brought huge surprises to the fund industry. Strong ability to absorb money brings about breakthroughs in scale. Index investment has been recognized by institutional and individual investors. Fund companies are beginning to look forward to the arrival of ETF golden age. In order to seize the opportunity,fund companies gradually escalate their battle on ETF by issuing innovative products, increasing liquidity service providers and lowering tariffs. VEESAR, as a new company,is committed to seizing the ETF outlet and digging hundreds of millions of share in the stock market, directly competing with industry giants such as AMgen, Amat, Ishares, Vanguard, Invesco, UBS, USAA, USCF, Barclays Capital.

The explosion of ETF in 2018 is just the beginning, and ETF arbitrage trading in 2019 will usher in a new explosion point. At present,the battle of fund companies on ETF is escalating step by step: declaring and issuing ETF innovative products,increasing liquidity service providers for stock ETF, premium rate and special account products participating in ETF option trading. . . Leading companies want to continue to expand their advantages on a large scale,while later companies want to catch up quickly and occupy a place.

Statistics show that there are more and more ETF arbitrage companies in companies in the world, but most of them only aim at a single market. VEESAR is the first sock arbitrage company in the world to achieve non-intermittent operation by integrating the global trading market.

Developing Intelligent ETF arbitrage for Independent Software
In many ETF related companies around the world,VEESAR, members come from many well-known financial and stock companies in the world, all of which have rich industry experience.

VEESAR has developed a professional ETF marking and intelligent trading software, which can intelligently monitor eligible trading behavior, achieve millisecond time error to complete the transaction, and thus obtain the profits of the day. VEESAR has also developed a cloud mirror synchronization and monitoring program to centrally manage the operation of member arbitrage trading procedures within VEESAR.

VEESAR Investment Director disclosed that VEESAR will develop characteristic products on the basis of improving the intelligent product line, including traditional index ETF and Smart Beta. According to VEESAR, ETF intelligent Arbitrage Products under VEESAR will meet the diversified needs of individual investors for index products based on their investment strategies and instrumental characteristics. In the future, global stock and ETF arbitrage markets need more distinctive strategic and instrumental products as the underlying target of asset allocation. Smart Beta ETF will be the entry point to effectively meet this huge demand.   

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City, State, Country: London, England, UK
Address: Unit G25, Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdom, E16 1AH
Contact Person: DOUGLAS
Tele: +44 2084323088


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