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Announcing the Blood QC Manager

2019-07-19 07:24:03 Computer


Oklahoma City, OK – April 5, 2019 - The main benefits of the Blood Bank Quality Manager program include process validation, change control, documentation management, equipment qualification, audit management, and process improvement. We are introducing a whole new way to handle all of the above processes in a single platform with Blood QC Manager. The product comes with an agile platform, called PERFEQTA, to automate any process, provide data collection, analysis and reporting all within a single application.
Along with providing real-time reporting and action alerts, Blood QC Manager integrates easily with other devices and software to quickly streamline the entire QC process. With full audit control and 21 CFR Part 11 built-in, the platform complies with FDA regulations and standards for product QC. QC Manager reduces your QC effort by up to 70% and reduces QC form processing by up to 20 hours per week. It helps in audit management by tracking the QC cycle with an audit trail and allows for instance responses to audit requests. It comes with robust and extensive record keeping that avoids loss of data and difficulties associated with retrieval of data.
As varied as Blood Bank processes and quality control standards can be, Blood QC Manager is scalable and adaptable to suit any budgets and unique process requirements. This product scales to support small blood centers to multi-site blood centers through a centralized management system. With Blood QC Manager, you can create customizable QC processes and forms with various validations, providing a paperless workflow for easy management. Blood QC Manager introduces automated calculations and data thresholds to reduce manual efforts greatly.
With Blood QC Manager, maintaining Blood Bank operations has never been more dynamic and adaptable.

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Sigma Blood’s products and services focus on meeting the needs of blood banking organizations and their specific QC requirements and FDA compliance.

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