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The Official release of Free Java Word API--Free Spire.Doc for Java

2019-06-24 09:15:31 Computer


E-iceblue released a totally free and independent Java Word API, Free Spire.Doc for Java v2.0.0, which enables Java applications to generate and manipulate Word without installing Microsoft Word.

Hong Kong Apr 10, 2019, Free Spire.Doc for Java was released. This is a Java Word API and totally free for programmers to create/save/edit Word, convert Word files to most common and popular formats, insert/edit/remove objects and print Word without installing Microsoft Word. No any warning message will be marked on the final results file.
1. Generating and Saving
a. Generate and save Word documents (Word 97-2003, Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016).
b. Load and save document with macros(.doc (Word 97-2003) and .docm(Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013 and Word 2016) )

a. Bi-directional conversion Doc-Docx ,Doc(x)-RTF, Doc(x)-TXT, Doc(x)-HTML, Doc(x)-Dot and Doc(x)-XML
b. Unidirectional Conversion Doc(x)-XPS, Doc(x)-EPUB and Doc(x)-PDF

3. Inserting, Editing and Removing Objects
a. Find and replace specified strings.
b. Copy and remove comment, bookmark, table, texts, paragraph or sections.
c. Merge multiple Word documents into one.
d. Open and decrypt documents in protection.
e. Extract texts, comments, images etc. from document.
f. Load and save document with macros. Remove macros in document.
g. Create form field including elements: cells, texts, radio button, dropdown list, checkbox etc.
h. Fill form field by connecting data from xml file.

4. Formatting
a. Format all characters in document, including fonts, sizes, colors, effects etc.
b. Format paragraphs, including built-in styles, indents, spacing, bullets, alignment, headings and number list style etc.
c. Format Word tables, including cell fonts and colors, cell background color, cell alignment, cell borders and column width/row height setting.
d. Format Word page, including page breaks, border, margins, paper size and orientation.

See here for more details:
Click the link to download:

About E-iceblue
E-iceblue Co.,Ltd is a vendor of .NET, Java and WPF development components. The goal of E-iceblue is always to offer high-quality components for reading and writing different formats of office files. The key developers of e-iceblue have over 10 years of combined experience developing high-performance, high-quality .NET, Java and WPF component technology.

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Company :-E-iceblue

User :- Mia


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