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iNextrix Launched Live Call Monitoring Solution for Call Centers

2019-06-25 04:20:22 Computer


iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is renowned for its innovative solution in the VoIP industry. One of as such innovative solutions offered by the company is their Live Call Monitoring Solution. This solution is available for all industry verticals. At a recent event, one of the spokesperson of the company announced that the company has launched a feature rich live call monitoring solution for call centers. This live call monitoring solution is designed to provide a complete view of the ongoing calls to the supervisors in the call center. The system allows monitoring of all types of calls such as,

• Ringing calls
• Missed calls
• Inbound calls
• Outbound calls
• And more

This live call monitoring software is available as a standalone system with an easy to use interface. It can be accessed with a web URL from a remote location to support remote supervision model in the call centers.

As per the further information shared by the spokesperson of the company, the call centers can integrate this live call monitoring system within their call center software. This way they can use all features of the call center solution and live call monitoring solution within a single product. It will show its features as one of the features available within the call center solution.

“Live call monitoring is very useful, in fact, important in call centers. That’s one of the vital parts of the job of the supervisors in any call center. They need to keep watch on ongoing calls to assure that each agent is working productively and each resource it getting utilized efficaciously. Some call center solutions have the live call view as an inbuilt functionality, but it often has limited features. This limits the effectiveness of the ongoing call monitoring. For example, the feature of taking over the call by transferring control or the feature of identifying the suspicious calls is available in the live call monitoring solution, but these features are not available in the call center software. This makes it different and also useful for the call centers. Each call center that thrives to increase agent productivity and better resource utilization must get an advanced live call monitoring solution for their call center”, shared spokesperson of iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The live call monitoring solution announced by iNextrix is available in multiple languages which make it easy to adopt for companies in different countries if they use the call center solution in their regional language.

The launched live call monitoring solution for call center will be provided as a white label solution if the call center needs it with that. Also, it is available as a ready to use product or one can subscribe to the monthly subscription based model to use this advanced ongoing call monitoring system.
The live call monitoring solution for call center has all features and characteristics which are listed on the official product page by the company, here:

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