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Things Business Owners Hate About Traditional POS Systems

2019-07-18 03:30:50 Business


Do you hate your traditional POS system? A lot of business owners do. Traditional POS software can cripple productivity, hike up costs, and cause intense dissatisfaction among staff and customers alike. Here are a few things business owners hate about their traditional POS systems.

Horrible Customer Support
Normally, companies need customer support at least a few times each year, even those who dispose of more advanced POS software. Paying a lot of money for it is no guarantee that you’ll get a good service. A lot of users are offered poor quality services that are stupidly expensive or no service at all.

To avoid this issue, check the following support features:
● Availability - Do you require 24/7 service or will normal business hours suffice?
● Cost - Ensure that support is free or at least a price that you’re willing to pay.
● Friendliness – Try making a sneaky call to the support line before committing, just to make sure that the operators are friendly and easy to talk to.
● Method - Do they offer support via your preferred method? For example, telephone or live online chat.

Hidden Fees and Charges
The price is arguably one of the most important considerations for all business owners, but especially small business owners. Many companies promote misleading prices, so don’t think it’s easy to shop around for a good deal. Others offer packages with confusing pricing structures. There are often hidden fees and charges the company may not discover until it’s too late.

Always check for costs in advance. In particular, look out for:
● Integration fees
● Set up fees
● Add-on fees
● Support fees
● Hardware fees
● High credit card processing rates
● Cancellation fees

Not User-friendly
Traditional POS software is rarely designed with the user experience in mind. The software is not right for your business if your least technical member of staff can’t work with it. An unintuitive system will lead to loss of time and productivity, frustration, and potentially extra money spent on customer support.

To protect yourself from this experience, always test before buying. Many companies offer free trials, of which you can take advantage. Get a cross-section of your staff to test them out, too.
Make a list of everything you require from the software and test each function’s usability thoroughly. Don’t stop looking until you find the most efficient product for your business.

Key Features are Missing
Even though a lot of POS software is designed for specific industries, no two companies are exactly alike, so you could be left with a system whose essential features are missing. It’s like having a diner and no option to include discounts within your system.

To protect yourself from this, consider a brainstorming session with your staff or even some friends. Make a detailed list of all the features you’ll need, including those you may need as your business grows in the system. Common trouble areas include:
● Delivery service features
● Menu options for restaurants and bars
● Gift cards
● Online store integration
● Additional location integration
● Customised reporting

Security Lapses
It’s perplexing, but many companies neglect security when choosing POS software because the exciting features are, well, more exciting. Security should be crucial to small to medium business owners because hackers know businesses of this size often lack the money or knowledge to invest in systems that prevent credit card hijacking.

To avoid security issues, ask your prospective POS service provider to give you their security policy and details. Read the documents you get from them, and then do a thorough search online to make sure the company in question has a solid reputation for security. It’s advisable to speak to or hire an expert consultant on security issues.

You’re Locked into Long-Term Contracts
A good contract is as valuable as anything else, but not enough to struggle with a POS system that doesn’t meet your expectations. This is a common mistake business owners make. You may have what started out as great POS software, but things change – customer support gets really bad or the POS software becomes outdated. If you’re no longer happy with the service, you should be free to leave. You aren’t married to the POS system or its provider!

To avoid getting into this situation to begin with, don’t sign a contract before looking at its duration. A company shouldn’t lock you in for an uncomfortable amount of time. This is a sign of insecurity and a lack of confidence in the product. At the moment, you can get a product from a reputable POS software company without signing a contract.

It is SLOW and BUGGY
This is number 1 on most business owners’ lists of reasons why they hate their traditional POS system. Generally, this software has become dated. You, your staff, and your clients will be frustrated with systems that are slow to operate and buggy. In more serious cases, a system like this can lead to crashes and data loss.

It’s hard to avoid this situation, because trial periods are usually short and bugs don’t always show themselves. If you’re considering a system, read online reviews of it and look for comments relating to bugs and otherwise subpar performance. You should read your contract carefully before signing to make sure that you can cancel free of charge and without legal action on account of poor performance.

Limiting Hardware and/or Software Requirements
Major expenses pop up out of nowhere if you find yourself stuck with a provider who makes you buy specific software or hardware in order for their product to integrate efficiently. This can be a major issue if you already have existing hardware. To protect yourself from extremely limiting requirements, read the hardware/software specifications very carefully. Find out whether the software will work with your operating system, whatever it is (i.e. Windows, Mac, etc.). You might want to ask about certain things specifically in terms of compatibility, such as:
● Cash drawer
● Card reader
● Barcode scanner
● Receipt printer
● Label printer

Is there another reason you hate traditional POS systems by POSQuote.Com? Let us know in the comments below!

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