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XLSTAT 2019.1 now available with new features and options

2019-08-13 12:28:00 Computer


With its 200+ statistical features and user-friendly interface, XLSTAT is the leading statistical software solution for Microsoft Excel.

XLSTAT version 2019.1 is available for download!

New statistical features and options:

- Customer Lifetime Value: A new and useful feature to assess the financial value of your customers.

- Price Elasticity Demand: Determine the price of your products at which the maximum revenue is generated.

- Multiple Factor Analysis: You can now run this analysis on frequency tables.

- STATIS: A new multivariate method for your sensory data analyses.

- DOE sensory: Improved designs for all sensory discrimination tests are now available.

- Data Selection: Run a Linear Regression or an ANOVA on millions of data points.

- Test assumptions: Validate the hypothesis of normality and homogeneity of variances.

- Influence diagnostics: Compute DFBetas, Mahalanobis distance and other influence statistics.

- Variables characterization: Extra filtering and sorting options are now available.

- Nonlinear regression: New interface, additional built-in functions and the AIC.

- Scatterplots: Customize your graph choosing your own color for groups.

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