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SAARC Development Fund Secretariat to Improve Nations

2019-08-15 06:38:52 Business


The SDF (Secretariat Development Fund) is gathering funds and working towards the common goal of attaining welfare for the SAARC nations. It is also providing complete support to diminish poverty from the nations completely. The main focus nowadays is social development in South Asian countries. Due to the Social development impact of project in South Asia, SAARC countries are going to benefit not only socially but also economically. It will eventually help in the growth of women empowerment too.

This project is going to be launched in collaboration with the World Bank. The funding of social projects will be based on loan and grants combination. The spending of the entire fund will be scrutinized and made sure that the total amount is being used for the social development of the southern SAARC countries.

The project includes strengthening the livelihood for home-based workers, maternal and child care benefits, initiatives to end violence against children, toll-free helplines for women and children, sanitation awareness and services, and building up of more women entrepreneurs in the SAARC countries.

The SDF is working progressively to attain all these goals and make the SAARC countries socially and economically strong. The SDF has also surveyed the areas wherein these developments are most important and have raised funds for the same purpose. The training in Nepal under SABAH along with the workshop for women empowerment in Bhutan was a massive success. Seeing the WASH training results, this project is going to be on fast track, so that the results are seen soon and benefit everyone. There will also be meetings held by the head members to track and audit the success growth of the project.

SDF spokesperson has said in the statement that, “the SDF will make continual efforts for the betterment of the SAARC nations and keep coming up with more such projects if required.

About the Secretariat Development Fund (SDF)

The SDF was developed to support industrial development, poverty eradication, HR development, protection of environment and promotion of social and infrastructure development of the SAARC countries. From its birth in 1996, it has always aimed to protect the welfare of the people, improve their quality of life and accelerate socio-economy growth. It has been a huge success and the body has helped various underdeveloped countries in SAARC to reach a certain socio-economic status. 

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