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Paramount Elites Enters China's Internet Advertising Market

2019-08-22 11:54:32 Business


(March 21, 2019) - US-based investment company, Paramount Elites has entered the Chinese internet advertising market. Armed with the latest big data analysis technology, Paramount Elites with the help of strategic partner, Hong Kong's Zing Music Technologies Limited looks to establish itself as an important player in China's internet advertising industry.

In today's Internet age, everything is linked to the Internet and it has brought us into the era of big data. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, said at a conference in Hong Kong, "Humans are moving from the IT era to the DT era. In the next ten or twenty years, the most precious and scarce resource in the world will not be crude oil. It definitely will be Big Data."

Combining big data analysis and precise marketing as its core concept, Paramount Elites entered the Chinese market late 2018. Paramount Elites Asia CEO, Mr. Shane Rice remarked,"Asia is home to some of the most powerful markets, one of them being China, possibly the world's biggest economic powerhouse. At Paramount Elites, we are constantly looking for new alternative investment opportunities and we have been looking to enter the Asia market for some time. It's a dream come true when we finally set up a regional office in Hong Kong."

According to annual reports from China Internet Advertising Statistics, the internet advertisement industry grows approximately at 38% per annum since 2013. Advertisements are still the main source of income for global Internet companies. In addition, the China Report Network also reported that world's top ten Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, Tencent and Baidu, etc., are still earning bulk of their income from advertisements. Mr. Rice also commented, "The size of China's internet advertising market is not surprising since China also has the largest internet user base in the world. We believe this to be a highly lucrative market and with our advertising alliance program, we find the perfect strategy to penetrate a market once monopolized by the China Tech Trinity Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba. Through fostering partnership alliance with highly potential internet platforms and mobile apps, we seek to invest early in our partners and gain ownership of their most valuable intangible assets – advertisement spaces. Zing Music is our first alliance partner in China and it won't be our last."

Using "Big data" in internet advertising with an innovative marketing alliance program, Paramount Elites looks set to take the China's Internet Advertising Market by storm and assume a place in this industry for years to come!

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