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Forex broker comparison service FxBrokerFeed has just publicised its weekly forex market recap

Forex broker comparison service FxBrokerFeed has just publicised its weekly forex market recap which contains the recent news, trends and occurrences in the broker market.


In their weekly report, FxBrokerFeed mentioned that, one of the biggest trading and social investing platform, eToro, has concluded plans to launch their platform in the United States. Currently, eToro is functional in 140 countries, and would soon be present in 30 states in the United States, with plans to expand further after getting the official sign-offs.

FxBrokerFeed further stated that the platform would be launched in the United States will only aid trading for crypto. Although, within the next 12 months, eToro will include additional asset classes. According to findings as regards eToros current markets, the 10 million clients currently patronizing the organization, can trade and have to themselves, more than 1,500 different asset classes and markets which include stocks, bonds, fiat and crypto currencies and products.

Tiger Brokers

FxBrokerFeed gives an analysis on Tiger Brokers (TIGR), bearing fully in mind that they are well-known and are the swiftest growing online broker who are concentrated on individuals who speak Mandarin, thereby gaining international brokerage. The analysis according to FxBrokerFeed, shows that the Interactive Brokers (IBKR) investors would most likely be those who would gain as the IPO continues, making the IBKR a potential long-term investor.

FxBrokerFeed reports that the prominent features of a TIGR enormous market share in its personalized section shows that it reveals a market share of 58%. With the use of mobile-first corporate rationality, the basic tool of the TIGR is its application.

FxBrokerFeed mentioned that joining the application is effortless, as one can use selfies and the photographs of ones ID card. The Westerners can further relate with Tiger Brokers, as they have Robinhood and Fintech Revolut.

Traders can take advantage of FxBrokerFeeds 30-day free trial and register here:   

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    Address: 45 West Wilmost Richmond Hill