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Just Fitter Launches Video Guidelines for Reading Ketone Test Strips

Just Fitter is pleased to announce the formal release of the new FAQ video sharing useful tips on how to read ketone test strips. A manufacturer of top notch health and fitness related products; Just Fitter has been addressing the most common product related queries from their customers through their series of FAQ videos. The latest video in this series explains how the ketone testing strips should be read and the importance of this reading. Incidentally, Just Fitter is one of the most popular brands selling ketone testing strips on Amazon, with almost fifteen hundred reviews.

[Click here]( to watch the new FAQ video from Just Fitter on YouTube.

Ketone testing strips are considered to be an important part of a ketogenic diet plan because these strips can help ascertain the ketogenic state of the body. All low carb diet plans guide the human body towards a metabolic state where it starts burning fat for energy instead of carbohydrate. This state can be achieved by limiting the consumption of carbs, and is known as ketosis. With the help of ketone testing strips, it is possible to find out the ketonic state of the body, which is of paramount importance for the success of a ketogenic diet.

The simplest and most accurate way to measure your fat burning levels is by using a ketone test strip. It is quick and easy! All you need to do is take a ketone test strip, mentions the FAQ video from Just Fitter. Place it in urine mid-stream for a few seconds. Wait 15 seconds for the liquid to disperse through the test pad. Check the color of the end of the strip and compare with the color chart on the bottle. This will indicate the level of ketones in your body.

The video informs that a darker color on the strip represents the presence of more ketones in the body. The leftmost color on the chart represents the neutral range and indicates that the body has no ketones. The next color from the left indicates that the body is on the verge of entering the ketosis state. A light to moderate state of ketosis is represented by the color pink. Finally, a dark purple shade on the strip confirms that the body is in a very strong state of ketosis. Reaching this state is the ultimate objective for all fat loss keto style diet plans.

The composition of the ketone test strips from Just Fitter contains Sodium Nitroprusside 7.1% W/W, on a PVA plastic strip. The manufacturer mentions that the strips can provide accurate readings up to ninety days from breaking the seal. To accommodate users with different usage patterns, this product is available in many different bottle sizes. Just Fitter also offers a 100% Money back guarantee to all Amazon buyers.

[Click here]( to watch the new FAQ video from Just Fitter on YouTube.

About Just Fitter: Founded in 2014, Just Fitter is dedicated to helping people achieve their best physical, mental, and spiritual health by encouraging them to embrace the benefits of a Keto diet lifestyle. Partnering with some of the best doctors, chemists, and nutrition scientists, the company has already helped thousands of people improve their lives in many ways including going Keto. Just Fitter also runs a popular Facebook page called createtheperfectyou, dedicated to helping people adopt the Keto lifestyle.   

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