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Sticker Maker for WhatsApp “My Face Sticker” Available on Play Store

My Face Sticker is an app that is functioned to create personal stickers pack. It is good to make own-face stickers, brand logos, and other customized stickers from images in the gallery.

March 7, 2019: Recently, WhatsApp released a new feature, known as WhatsApp Stickers. This feature has actually been awaited by many users for a long time, especially when they think that the emoji feature is too general. Interestingly, regardless of the stickers provided by this application, WhatsApp users can actually make your own stickers and use them to communicate with other people.

My Face Sticker is a Whatsapp sticker maker, to support this new feature from WhatsApp. Using the application, users can make their own stickers using their own faces; make brand logo stickers, and other customized stickers. How to create Whatsapp sticker is very easy; that is by removing the background from the image. Then, the results are entered into WhatsApp.

There are mainly two tools that are very useful to create custom Whatsapp stickers. They are the Manual Eraser and Auto Eraser. The Manual Eraser is used by swiping the cursor in the background, especially if the main image cannot be detected via the Auto Eraser. The Manual Eraser has width and offset controls to avoid the eraser removing the main image that will be used as a sticker. Meanwhile, there is also an Auto Sticker with a Threshold Control where stickers can be easily formed with just one click.

So, how to make stickers using My Face Sticker? First, by opening the application and starting to create a new pack for WhatsApp. Add an icon for the pack and enter the pack name. Next, add a new image from the gallery and cut it using the eraser tool mentioned in the previous paragraphs. In one pack, user need to add at least 3 and a maximum of 30 stickers. The sticker itself can be formed from all image formats including jpeg, jpg, and png. To get the application, it's very easy where users can download it directly on PlayStore for free.

About My Face Sticker

My Face Sticker is a supporting app for Whatsapp that is mainly used to make stickers. There are several features available, including two eraser modes. This application can be used to make own-face stickers, logos, and other customized stickers.

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