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Melorra Reveals Secrets of “My Cup Of Tea” for Styling Oneself

The world of styling oneself is so wide, that once you take a peek you might be just engulfed to it. Styling oneself is an art; it is very much inbuilt or can be achieved with an expert advice. Having an expert can be really expensive on the pockets, but there is a rather easy route to take for the normal folks to style them self top notch. ”understanding their cup of tea” or “knowing what’s their cup of tea”. With the innumerable types available it gets rather confusing to choose, but no matter how many materials are available, there is one that never fades, gold jewelry. There is a saying “when in doubt, stick to the basics” and gold is the basic one can turn to anytime without making it loud yet at the same time bringing elegance and sophistication to the wearer when pairing appropriately. The one most commendable element of gold jewelry is any one particular design, be it an elegant gold locket design, a pair of daily wear gold earrings can be paired well with most of your wardrobe effortlessly. This jewelry can be categorized into many, but the most common and need to be known are categorized as


These gold jewelry designs, exhibit a very royal aura to the wearer, the design of these are bold, crude and heavier in nature. If you observe the typical traditional jewelry of a particular region these are once that fit into the royal category. Like temple jewelry, kundhan jewelry, antique jewelry, navarathan jewelry etc. their statement is so loud when simply paired with a pair of earrings as the only accessory. The wearer can stand out with an amazing amount of royal aura being emitted.


This is a mix of multiple, types of jewelry, but stone jewelry can give an elegant image to the wearer. The pairing of the jewelry here is the key point. The contemporary designed jewelry, cutwork designs, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry. Especially pearl jewelry is believed from generations, as to giving the wearer an elegant and delicate demeanor.

Daily wear

As the name says, these are the types of jewelry that we commonly pick for daily use. The designs range from traditional jewelry to contemporary styling. When choosing a daily wear style for jewelry, the purpose of the jewelry determines the design of the product. When choosing for office wear, try to go for subtle gold tones like white gold or rose gold, they don’t make any loud statement yet mix well with the whole outlook and make the wearer look complete. For those hold purpose to look for designs that can last the working style of one and still can be maintained without causing any damage.

The art, looking beautiful, completely lays lies in once one’s own understanding of their need, occasion, and themselves. So, before choosing any type of gold jewelry, be sure of the style that suits you, along with the attitude and confidence in carrying yourself.


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