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Atlanta Labor & Employment Law Firm Discusses Wrongful Termination Laws

Atlanta, Georgia (forpressrelease) February 15, 2019 - KPPB LAW, an Atlanta labor & employment law firm recently released a blog discussing how to determine if a firing was a wrongful termination. Understanding wrongful termination laws can help you receive compensation for the loss of your job.

There are several types of employment terminations that would qualify as a wrongful termination. A violation of contract is often the most obvious type. If you are fired contrary to the rules of your contract, you likely have a wrongful termination case. Discrimination is also cause for wrongful termination. If you believe that you may have been fired because of your gender, age, race, or other similar reason, a case could result. Finally, employees are sometimes fired in retaliation for something, such as reporting unsafe working conditions or using sick time. However, employees should not be fired for these reasons, and a case may be possible.

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated, quick action is required. Document what happened when you were fired, including any reasons given for your termination. Research whether your termination is considered wrongful, and consider hiring a professional attorney to assist in this process. Then, build your case. Gather emails, computer files, handwritten notes, text messages, voicemails, and any other form of documentation that supports your wrongful termination case. Finally, choose an attorney to represent you, and rehearse how you will explain why you are no longer employed when looking for a new job. These steps can not only help you prepare a strong case, but also move forward in a positive direction as the case is pending.

Hiring a labor & employment attorney who can help with your case increases your chances of a successful outcome. Speak to a professional attorney for more information about your case. Sonjui L. Kumar has nearly three decades of legal experience in the corporate and real estate sectors. She advises startups, family-owned businesses, and international companies doing business in the U.S., and more. She can also assist employees who are dealing with wrongful terminations and other work-related cases. Kumar can be contacted online at or by phone at 678-443-2244. Her office is located at 990 Hammond Drive NE, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30328.


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  • Name: Alex Caruso

    Company: KPPB LAW

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    Address: One Lakeside Commons, 990 Hammond Drive Suite 800, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328