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HEATSIGN Launches Marking Machines Used In The Military Defense Industry

The military of any given country is one of the most important aspects of the safety of the people in that area. When you think of military defense, you probably donít consider how important it is to use marking machines in military defense material manufacturing.

In this post, you will learn why a marking machine is needed in the military defense industry, how they can be used, and which marking machine is best for tackling manufacturing jobs in the industry.


Keeping people safe has to be one of the most important jobs in the world. The military powers in any country dedicate their lives to keep people safe, so it is crucial that everything is properly labeled. This means that different equipment needs to be differentiated with names and labels.

A marking machine is also needed because the military itself is very particular on the markings of its property. Most military-affiliated products must have the name of the military on it so that it can be easily identified if it were taken or used by someone else.


Marking machines are used in a very particular way in the military defense industry.

To begin, bar codes and serial numbers are a must. Both of these markings are used to track and identify military equipment. In the event that equipment is stolen or misused, the military will be able to identify any disparities, find equipment, and ever know which person may be responsible for any wrong-doing.

Next, labeling defense equipment is essential to cut down on any confusion. Say, for example, there were two pieces of equipment that may look similar but do two very different things. This would need to be identified by etching the product name in to the product.

Lastly, it is important to create marks that will last in different environments, as equipment will travel with the military around the globe.


Two machines are recommended for marking in the military defense industry: The Fiber Laser marking system and the Dot Peen marking machine.

The Fiber Laser system creates engravings by combining optic fibers and rare-earth elements to create a light that expands to mark different materials like metals and plastics.

The Dot Peen marking machine doesnít use a laser, but uses a small stylus made of carbon or diamond that repeatedly strikes the surface of the material to create small dots that form a bigger picture. The machine is fast, making a ton of marks in a matter of seconds. This machine is also best used on metal and plastic materials.


HeatSign is a company based in China that focuses on Direct Marking Technologies and Marking Machines. With more than 10 years of experience, the company aims to make a difference for its customers by providing competitive pricing and high-quality machines.

For more information, or to purchase a marking machine, email or call +86-85111162.


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