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Gowitek releases IoT Pump Monitoring Software

2019-08-20 03:26:05 Technology


Gowitek Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has developed a remote monitoring solution to help Pump Manufacturers and Rentals accurately track Pump operations from remote locations. This is aimed to assist manufacturers to provide comprehensive service contracts and to enable rental agencies to charge customers through exact usage. This is indeed an innovative solution for the Pump Industry. Since Industrial pumps operate in extremely hostile and adverse environmental conditions such as Mines it is very difficult to monitor their operational parameters physically. It involves heavy costs in terms of time and resources. IoT solutions enable remote and easy monitoring of applications through relatively relaxed costs.

Company :-Gowitek Consulting Pvt.Ltd

User :- Shweta Jamdhade


Phone :---

Mobile:- +91-9960878001

Url :-


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