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Cetpa Conducted Winter Training on Android in Lucknow

2019-08-17 12:48:38 Education


There’s a well-known saying that ‘Engineering is the skill or science of making practical’. The approaching winter holidays are the ideal chance for engineering students to obtain practical experience by joining winter training. Time off in the holidays, utilized to obtain particular practical skills, will be helpful to revive the fun and interest in engineering.

The purpose of Winter Training in Lucknow is to present job-oriented & industry-specific advanced courses in the fields of Computer Science, Networking, Database/OS, Electrical/ Electronics, Mechanical and Civil aimed at generating feature workforce in the expertise field.


Generally the duration for winter training ranges from 2 weeks – 6 weeks. Rest it depends on the requirement of learner and the training institute from which training is done.


Final year engineering students
Pre-Final year student for better job prospect
Students who are looking for Job/ Job Assistance
Learners who are passionate to gain knowledge and expertise
Students who are looking for faster growth in their chosen field of career

Android training in Lucknow

Anyone who understands the computing world knows that Android is the most popular mobile platform in the whole world. Android can bring you apps, games, movies, books, music and similar digital content. During the course of Android training in Lucknow, students learn how to work in an Eclipse based development environment; they learn the unique Android OS architecture, video and audio playback and how to support variety of languages. They will also learn how to access data from files, GUI development, and how to sell their own applications in the Android marketplace.

SEO training in Lucknow

Search engine optimization or SEO in short, is a set of rules for optimizing you website for search engines and improve your search engine rankings. In addition, it is a great way to increase the quality of your web site by making it user- friendly, faster and easier to navigate. Every business organization in-house SEO Training in Lucknow for their employees as these programs cost you less than hiring an external SEO consultant. Individuals having extensive SEO knowledge and skills usually get good salary packages.

AutoCAD training in Lucknow

AutoCAD is the most widely used computer-aided design (CAD) software for producing architectural, engineering and construction drawings, In order to use AutoCAD advantageously in their designs; professionals take AutoCAD training in Lucknow. With the passage of time, computers are being used extensively in every industry. AutoCAD is software which runs on computers, which have a graphic ability. Special computers are manufactured in order to run graphic applications with AutoCAD being one of them.

Digital marketing training in Lucknow

Digital marketing means marketing & promotion of services or products using digital means: mobile phones, the Internet, and other media. Digital marketing training in Lucknow will teach students the basic skills which they can further hone to formulate their own success paths. Online promotion happens by writing blog posts, building websites, reaching out to target customers through social media platforms, publishing online brochures, ebooks etc.

We can conclude that winter training programs offers a great opportunity to utilize your winter vacation in the right way. These winter training programs are planned in such a way that it makes learning by building projects super easy for you. You will acquire a great hands-on learning experience by making several projects as part of these programs

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