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The 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Emerges Winner with its Fuel Economy & 2.0L Atkinson i-VTEC Engine

2019-06-15 04:25:39 Automotive


The new Honda Accord Hybrid is the real winner, and this hybrid vehicle deserves the biggest compliment not only because of its fuel-efficiency alone, but also owing to several new feature additions. The vehicle is the acclaimed winner of the Ten Best Engine Awards of 2019, and the car has a well-balanced engine with a smooth operation guarantee.

Of course, this car’s biggest attraction is its fuel economy and the Honda Accord MPG of 40 (5.9 L/100 km) can never be termed as an inferior performance. The sedan has achieved this MPG in a test drive in metro Detroit in the cold weather conditions. The next thing that can appeal to you is the size of the car, with a comfortable seating for five people and a sizable cargo space, despite an extra powertrain gear.

So, you will love to have the complete details about the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid, which possibly has everything you must be looking for.

Ease of Driving
You will love the quick acceleration of the Accord Hybrid that will allow you to zoom around city streets, but you may feel somehow a lack of power while trying to dash the car on the expressway. In typical driving conditions, the brake feels natural; however, it may take longer than average to come to the halt in certain cases. The car gives you an immediate power delivery when you want to speed it up.

Comfort Level
With a decent overall comfort, it has comfortable seating for the driver as well as fellow passengers. Moreover, the car insulates the driver from the traffic noise, while driving on busy roads or unfavorable driving terrains. The ride is smooth in most of the cases, unless you bounce over a really big bump. The seats have nice headrests and a sufficient back support. The seat cushions are leather wrapped and don’t feel much fluffy. You can sit comfortably and enjoy longer drives without any stress.

Climate Control
The story of the new Honda Accord Hybrid will remain untold, if we don’t talk about its climate control feature. It allows you to adjust the climate settings, and it regulates the temperature of the cabin to feel you comfortable. There are manual controls for changing the climate settings and the color of the temperature knob changes automatically, as you adjust the settings. The seat cooling feature is also moderately effective.

We all are tech-savvy, and we love to explore new technologies incorporated into our vehicles. This new Honda car comes with a new infotainment system with a head-up display and a gauge-cluster screen. The infotainment system can also be integrated with the Apple CarPlay and the Android Auto. The car’s premium audio system can generate an enormous volume without any distortion. With a robust navigation system included, this hybrid Honda car is easy to operate. The driver will get clutter-free graphics and easy driving instructions to follow the precise route.

The 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid sources its great performance from the combination of two electric motors and the 2.0L iVTEC gasoline engine. With a midrange power, the Honda Accord emanates a pleasant and techy sound, which is very uncommon in the case of a hybrid car. At a price of $34,000+, this well-equipped and fuel-efficient hybrid car could prove a great deal for you in 2019.


User :- Ayush Mishra



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