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Latest Anthology Book "Wake Up: The Awakened Man" hits #1 spot on Amazon

2019-08-18 09:20:38 Art & Entertainment


The newest member in Wake Up Publishing - "Wake Up: The Awakened Man" is now Amazon Bestseller.

"Wake Up: The Awakened Man" is not just another anthology book, it is a collection of stories from male authors, specifically conceived and designed to give the reader, a wide range of unique perspectives from a man's point of view.

This book is a practical workbook about how men from around the world have in their own unique way overcome intergenerational dysfunction and trauma, the victim mentality, selfishness, stagnation, fear of the unknown, and much more to achieve transformation, practicing self-mastery, purpose, and prosperity to one's self, family, and greater community.

One of the reader, Kevin Seney says - "I have read many of the WAKE UP series books, going back as far as 2008, and loved reading this one even more. There is something powerful about the raw, true-life stories shared by this group of "Awakened Men" who co-authored this book. Such diverse background coming together as one makes a beautiful symphony of lifelong wisdom. You will truly LOVE this book."

Another Amazon customer mentioned - "There is so much in this world that hardens us. In contrast, books like this exist to bring out the best in us and help us remember the good in humanity and the potential that we each have, even if our paths differ. The nice things about these series are that you can get a solid idea - or more - with a short sit down. For people like me who really like to get something out of a book fast, I like these kind of books. I love that they are real life stories. Instead of reading a book created by the same mind in entirety, this one shifts from personality to personality, which is more of an adventure."

Each author, at the end of his story, has a personal biography with contact information. People can reach out to any author of their choice for further connection and personal coaching.

"Wake Up: The Awakened Man" book can be a remarkable gift for someone who needs motivation, inspiration and hope in his life.

The book is available at –

About Wake Up Authors

Authors appearing in “Wake Up: The Awakened Man” includes:

Derek L Hendricks – Entrepreneur, Online Sales & Marketing Expert
Harinder Singh Sabharwal – Kung Fu master, Speaker, Author, and High Performance Coach
Scott Anthony – Coach, Motivator, Business Owner, Entrepreneur
Patrick Porter – Entrepreneur, Inventor of the BrainTap Technology
Daniel Kurlapski –
Kevin Seney – CEO, Entrepreneur, Consultant
Kelly Fisher – Certified Hypnotherapist , Life Coach
Mark Collings – Consultant, Coach, New Reality Developer
Mike Chambers – Business owner, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach
Pjerin Alija – Founder & Managing Director, Executive Coach
Yasmin Nguyen – Professional Speaker, Business Lifestyle Coach, Entrepreneur, Phonetagrapher
Eric Guttmann – Active Duty Naval Officer, Best-selling Author, Coach
Erik Ennabe – Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur
Kyle C. Entenman – Counselor - local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center
Shawn Owen – Entrepreneur, Change Catalyst
Matthew Hutchins – Blockchain Technologist, Entrepreneur
Dr. Karl Krantz – Chiropractor
Jimmy Gleason – Tennis Coach, Speaker, Bestselling Author
Igor Galibov – Entrepreneur, Life Force Creator

About Wake Up and Steven E Schmitt:

Wake Up, a well known name in Publishing World, is a traditional California based publishing house that handles all the intricacies involved in publishing its authors' books since 1994.

Steven E is Founder and CEO of Wake Up Publishing. He is dedicated to teaching people to find their purpose in life. Schmitt is the creator of one of the fastest-growing book series in the world, with over 30 books in print. It is called Wake Up…Live the Life You Love. His last 30 books have been bestsellers.

The wake up books sold over 2 Million Books worldwide. Wake Up along with Steven E allows writers to leave behind the complex and time-consuming business issues like eBook conversion, establishing wholesale accounts, insurance, shipping, taxes, etc and give them the freedom to focus on their passion: writing and creating.

Steven E is the innovator of creating books with multiple authors or Anthology books. Nowadays, it’s a trend that you can be a co/author with famous authors like Wayne dyer, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield - author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

For more information, email Steven – or call 562-884-0062.

Steven's Facebook -

Wake Up Publishing's Facebook -

Company :-Wake Up publishing

User :- Steven E. Schmitt


Phone :-40062--

Mobile:- -


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