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2019 Ford Transit Now Available with Diesel Power and a Powerful LED Downlighter

2019-06-25 02:12:23 Automotive


The new Ford Transit will extend the working hour with its powerful LED downlighter that can illuminate the workspace behind the vehicle, even in the short winter days. Thus, this Connect Wagon will improve productivity and the reduced daylight won’t prove a restraint anymore. Moreover, the wagon’s increased load carrying capacity adds to its fuel efficiency.

The Downlighter for a Productivity Boost

However, the major draw of this new Ford Transit is the energy-efficient downlighter, which can automatically switch off when the battery is low. The downlighter is housed on the rear of the vehicle’s roof, and its switch can be found inside the rear door. It is designed to allow people to continue working on a workbench outdoors with their tools, even after the sunset. There is also a rear-view camera alongside the downlighter that can improve the visibility while reversing the vehicle. One can also enjoy an easy maneuvering with the help of the front wide-view camera and a Cross Traffic Alert that the Ford Transit now includes.

Powerterains Add to Fuel Efficiency

With an increased load-carrying capacity and with its upgraded powertrains, the 2019 Ford Transit comes with optimized fuel efficiency, and the ford transit mpghas been increased by up to 7 per cent. Another remarkable addition in the new Transit is the new diesel mild hybrid powertrain option. This mHEV powertrain further increases the fuel efficiency, by about 3 per cent in comparison to a standard diesel model. While the fuel efficiency could go upward by up to 8 per cent in urban driving applications wherein the driver has to frequently start and stops on the busy city roads.

On-board Modern Technology

The Ford Transit 2019 is the best connected vehicle ever with the FordPass Connect technology with Wi-Fi hotspot. The 4G LTE hotspot will allow connecting up to 10 devices simultaneously. You can connect to the devices from a distance of up to 50 meters outside the vehicle. FordPass also allows you to keep a track of your data usage. This connectivity feature allows operators to utilize the vehicle in a more optimized manner, and which will also bring down the running cost.

Driver-Assist Technologies

There are several employees who may drive the Transit Connect van during a workday. They all may have different levels of driving skills. Keeping this fact in concern, there is a range of technologies that have been incorporated so that each driver will remain confident and comfortable while driving. These driver-assist technologies are one of the most striking features of the new Ford Transit vehicle.

The sale of the new Ford Transit is expected to begin mid-2019, with a starting price of $32,000+. With a powerful and efficient engine, the van could be the best bet for a business that is hoping for an agile, more productive, safe and creative load carrying solution.


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