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Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys Enumerate 5 Proven Steps to Rebuild the Driving Confidence After an Accident

2019-07-23 04:46:06 Legal / Law


A car accident can be an incredibly traumatizing experience for any driver. Sometimes the emotional damage caused by such an event can plague you for much longer than a physical injury. On top of that, there might be a period where you aren’t able to drive for an extended amount of time. So, what do you do when you’re finally supposed to get behind the wheel again?

This lack of confidence and fear is more common than you might think. Even if you weren’t “traumatized” per se, getting into a car crash affects you in ways you might not realize.

If you’re struggling with driving again after an accident, here’s a list of 5 steps that are proven to help re-build your confidence and get rid of your fears.

1.Get a Lawyer

Having a lawyer after an accident is important. However, having one before another accident could potentially happen is a great way to feel safer about driving.

Personal injury lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights when it comes to accidents and injuries. Knowing you have someone like injury attorney Dennis Hernandez in your corner can give you a lot of confidence. This is because you know if anything does happen when you start driving again, there’s a safety net in place to make sure you’re taken care of.

2. Begin with Small Drives

There’s no need to charge forward at full speed. It’s okay, and more helpful, to slowly reintegrate yourself into driving situations. You might start out just going around your neighborhood, and then to the local gas station. Start small and keep increasing the difficulties of your job to ease yourself back into driving. Taking this slow and steady will give you time to adjust and become comfortable with driving in all sorts of situations.

3. Talk About It

This might seem simple, but talking about how you’re feeling is important. Bottling things up that are causing your distress is only going to harm you further. Be honest with yourself about your fears and lack of confidence. Then find someone you trust like a friend or family member and tell them about it. This can make a world’s difference.

4. Have Someone Supportive in the Car

Conquering anything becomes easier when you have a good support system. This is especially true for trying to get rid of fears.

Having a friend or family member who’s calm, supportive, and believes in your abilities in the car can really boost your confidence. If someone trusts you enough to drive them around, then it’s easy to tell yourself that you really are a safe and capable driver. So, find someone in your life who can do that for you and get to driving!

5. Confront the Crash Site

You might feel like the best way to deal with your fear is with avoidance. The site of the crash might bring intense feelings of anxiety, fear, dread, and even hopelessness. But despite your every instinct to stay away, it’s important to face the site where the accident happened. It’s especially helpful if you drive in the same area. That way, you can show yourself just how capable you are.

If you have just been in an accident or experienced one a while ago, you still might be struggling with the idea of driving again. That’s okay. Luckily, there are ways to combat that and get the confidence you need to drive again. All it takes is effort. So, consider trying out at least one of these tips and see how much better you feel.

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