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Revised Audi R8 is Now More Appealing Owing to Several Mechanical Changes & a More Powerful Engine

2019-08-18 12:13:30 Automotive


The new model of the Audi R8 is going to have some gentle revisions to achieve a sportier look and offer a greater performance. This Audi super sports car will witness several mechanical changes that would be beyond a mild re-skinning or superficial adjustments. Audi claims that the revised model comes with dynamic differences, but these are very limited.

The R8 revised model is expected to arrive in the spring of 2019, and one can expect a modest hike in the Audi R8 Price as well.

Appealing Appearance
The visual reincarnation includes the de-chroming of the front framework. Many believe that this readjustment is in line with the thought that chrome and the motor sport don’t go together. Audi designers also give an additional angular treatment to the car’s front end this time, and that’s why one can see a new splitter in the new Audi R8. The black painted splitter seems to reduce the visual height of the car’s body, and its profile extends onto the sides of the car.

Comfortable Interior
The interior of the revised R8 is significantly striking and being an Audi car, it’s as comfortable as one can expect. The powerful engine is compelling enough to enhance the driving experience. With a satisfying internal layout, it’s a nice car in its class, and easy to get along for all drivers. The car presents a perfect combination of the usability and glamour for achieving a pleasing appearance that is better than the most cars in this segment.

Strongest Engine
The revised version of this Audi model comes with the same 5.2-liter V10 engine and a rear-wheel drive option . The V10 is often considered as one of the greatest production engines that can significantly boost up the performance of a vehicle. The large engine with the car’s 4WD system gives it the required adjustability and the agility.

Mechanical Adjustments
The car’s chassis also showcases a pleasingly controlled appearance, with a trailed brake for an easy movement and rotation. The strongest Audi brakes, however, could prove a little tricky to modulate a car’s speed on the track. The front anti-roll bar of the car gets a composite/alloy mashup in this revised version, instead of the original steel built, and thus reduces the unsprung weight. The car yet to get the ability of turning responsively, but it feels to be more exotic with a far better sound.

One can also find an automatic gearbox with a standard dual-clutch, but cannot see too many changes here. The medium-weighted steering is more responsive and accurate in the revised model of the R8. Although the power hike is another noticeable facelift, with a clear jump in the peak output from a moderate 30bhp to a dramatic 562bhp on the Standard model. On the other hand, the Performance R8 has gone for a massive peak output raise of 10bhp to 611bhp.

Undoubtedly, R8 has been so appealing over the years, but this revised model is yet to undergo an on-road longer test to help determine its actual performance. It could be hard to conceive how rewarding this car could be, given a few changes incorporated in this new model.


User :- Ayush Mishra



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