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Subhi Launches a Romantic Song, Hum Hain Kahan

2019-06-20 05:49:27 Art & Entertainment


Subhi with her melodious and beautiful voice is winning the hearts of the millions. Though she is not that fluent in Hindi and Urdu but she has beautifully recreated the old songs into the new ones like, way too intelligently, keeping in mind the today’s generation music interest and the real essence of the old. Subhi is a singer, songwriter, composer based in Chicago. She has an official Youtube Channel. Through her channel, she brings on every new song for her favorite audience and tries to mold them to their liking with her own musical instincts.

Subhi since her childhood has the liking and passion for music and singing. She began her career working as a music assistant on Monsoon Wedding Broadway show in New York. For her further enhancement and progress she also worked as a composer, songwriter, lyricist, and vocalist for acclaimed short and independent feature films in the U.S. these were renowned films that got well-response in the film festival circuit. With her practice and learning she stepped forward, to the Hindi music industry, and now currently she has worked on projects with leading Indian digital platforms, including The Viral Fever (TVF) and Y-Films (YRF). Slowly and steadily she is making a mark of her presence in the music industry. The evidence of her melodious songs is Hum Hain Kahan full Video, Aagosh Song Unplugged, and Pashmina Fitoor Song. The list doesn’t end here, there are more to come!

Subhi hit song Hum Hain Kahan, has been beautifully penned down by her to show the eternal feeling of love and romance of the couples madly in love with each other. Her talented band has left no stone unturned to make the lyrics compliment the music beautifully. Pianist and musical arrangement was made by Joaquin Garcia Chahia amazingly. Excellent drumming by Gustavo Cortinas Fouilloux and soulful saxophone played by Rajiv Halim. Overall they all made beautiful compositions that won the hearts of many around the world. The essence of Indian music and jazz of Chicago can easily be reflected in each of her compositions.

Her recent Pashmina song, from movie Fitoor was released and is a blockbuster among the young audience that loved it to the fullest. The feedback received by the people throughout the world is extremely remarkable and shows the beauty of her singing and sense of music.

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