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Sygma Solutions Are Now An EUSR Approved Training Provider

2019-06-20 05:48:07 Education


Sygma Solutions has now been approved by the Energy and Utility Skills Register as a training provider for the location of underground services.

Energy & Utility Skills and Construction Skills have affiliated their registration schemes to enable access to construction sites for the purposes of utility connections and waste management. Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) affiliated cards are issued to operatives who have passed a Utility SHEA scheme since 1 December 2008. These operatives will have sat the new affiliated randomised health & safety test, but if an operative has not sat one of these tests then the CSCS hologram will not appear on their card. All Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) cards display a photograph of the card holder, their name and unique EUSR number. The reverse displays all registrations and their expiry dates.

Underneath the CSCS hologram on the card may be a coloured line which indicates the level of competence that the cardholder has achieved, and this is red for a trainee, green for an operative, blue for a skilled worker, and gold for a supervisor.

Sygma Solutions provides a unique HSG47 Course in Utility Location which is EUSR approved and can now be added as a category on any EUSR Card. The company can also deliver the EUSR Category 1 Utility Location Course with EUSR CAT and Genny training.

Somewhere around 4 million excavations are carried out on the UK's roads every year, and not knowing exactly where buried services are causes delays on the project, together with associated costs which can be considerable. More importantly, it also increases the risks of injury to contractors and other road users, and such injuries can be severe and are sometimes fatal.

In fact, the problem of not knowing accurately where services are buried means that utility strikes are increasing because of the ever-growing density of underground services in major urban areas. In the US, it is reckoned that there is one utility strike every minute and these strikes are the main cause of delays during road construction projects. If it is assumed that the direct cost of such strikes is $1,000, the cost to the US economy is no less than $1.5 trillion every year. However, if you add the indirect costs such as traffic disruption, the effect on local businesses, and more, the cost is considerably higher.

In the UK, the direct costs of utility strikes have been researched by Dr Nicole Metje at the University of Birmingham, and she has found that these vary from £300 - £980 for a water strike, £400 for telecom, £970 for electricity, £485 for gas, and as much as £2,800 for a fibre optic cable. These costs only cover the cost of sending a crew to make the necessary repairs. The indirect costs such as traffic disruption which causes local businesses to lose custom, injuries, and more, mean that the actual total is around 30 times higher than these figures show, according to Dr Metje's estimate.

This is why CAT and Genny training is of such vital importance, and the courses that are run by Sygma Solutions leave nothing to the imagination. The company's CAT course covers the use of the CAT in all its' modes, but most importantly also teaches operatives the limitations of the equipment in a session on myth busting.

The CAT training begins in the classroom where operatives are taught the reasons for using buried pipe and cable locators and an understanding of the health and safety and financial implications, including guidance on how to comply with HSG47. Operatives are taught how to understand buried service plans, or STATS, and electromagnetic theory explaining how a pipe and cable locator works. They are also taught the correct us of the CAT 4 and Genny 4 in all their modes, with emphasis on the Genny and on checking that the equipment is functioning correctly.

Out on site, operatives learn the importance of visual site checks before any work is undertaken, and checking the site plans to ascertain the indicated routes of buried services. They will also learn how to use the Genny 4 correctly and will understand the importance of always using the CAT and Genny in combination.

About The Company

Sygma Solutions is a major provider of CAT and Genny training in the UK and not only provides training but also practical maintenance of all types of CAT and Genny, and especially the Mala Easy Locator HDR.
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