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Creative Biolabs Released the Minibody for Researchers

December 18, 2018, as one of the most successful suppliers and manufacturers, Creative Biolabs has released its minibody for research use in life science. Depending on the unchallenged experience and professional technique in minibody antibody synthesis an trimeric bispecific minibody, Creative Biolabs is able to offer scientists with the high-quality products. Of course, with the help of experienced scientists, the custom synthesis strategy for minibody is also available. We will serve you for 24 hours everyday in order to make sure customers can better understand our minibody products.

Common small molecule antibodies mainly include Fab fragment (constructed by complete light chain and Fd) Fv (consisting of VH and VL), ScFv (consisting of single chain antibody, VH and VL linked by a connecting peptide), single domain antibody (consisting only of VH), minimum recognition unit (MRU, consisting of a CDR), hypervariable region polypeptide, double chain antibody, triplex antibody, mini-antibody, etc. At present, there are more studies on single-chain antibodies, Fab antibodies, single-domain antibodies and bispecific antibodies.

“With the development of biotechnology, the preparation of small molecule antibodies is becoming more and more compatible. Easy, and a series of characteristics of small molecule antibodies determine that they will have great potential in many aspects of medical applications, including disease diagnosis, tumor research and treatment and anti infection. ” said Dr. Brett, one of excellent scientists from Creative Biolabs.

Why is minibody is popular? This will be owing to its advantages:
1. The preparation method is simpler than other genetically engineered antibodies.

2. The immunogenicity is much weaker than the original McAb. If the modified antibody is constructed into a small molecule antibody, it is more likely to eliminate its immunogenicity.

3. Due to the small molecular weight, small molecule antibodies can easily pass through the blood vessel wall and penetrate solid tumors, which is beneficial to the treatment of tumors.

4. Because there is no Fc segment, it can not bind to the Fc receptor of non-target cells, and can reach the tumor site more concentrated. At the same time, because there is no Fc to regulate the catabolism of IgG, the half-life is short in the body, and the turnover is fast, which is beneficial to radioimmunization. Imaging to examine tumors.

5. The molecule is small and can bind to the antigen distributed in the groove of the virus surface, which is beneficial to the treatment of viral diseases.

6. Attach the appropriate enzyme gene or toxin protein gene to the 3 end of the small molecule antibody gene to produce a large number of enzyme-linked antibodies or immunotoxins.

7.Expressed in E. coli, fermentative production of antibodies, thereby reducing costs and making antibody treatment popular.

Making full use of its abundant resources in biotechnology, Creative Biolabs can provide not only a minibody, but a budget and time-saving working procedures. So please contact us for success in research projects.

About Creative Biolabs:
over the last ten years, Creative has become a leader of antibody production, such as recombinant antibody discovery and manufacturing. Equipped with advanced technique platform, such as the hybridoma development and phage display platform, Creative Biolabs can serve customers better.


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