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Clove Dental Launches Nationwide Free Oral Screening Campaign

2019-08-11 07:59:28 Health and Fitness


New Delhi, December 13, 2018: If you have bad breath, bleeding gums, burning sensation, non-healing mouth ulcers, frequent cheek or tongue bites, reduced mouth opening, difficulty in swallowing; you should go for quick oral screening. In view of the startling findings of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), that the cases of Oral Cancer have registered a whopping rise between 2012 and 2018; country’s leading Dental Chain, Clove Dental ( is organizing Oral Healthcare Screening Campaign across the country to sensitize and create awareness on good oral hygiene practices amongst the masses. To run till the end of December, people can walk in to a Clove Dental clinic to get free screening.
Macroscopic Oral Screening & Toluidine Rinse Test will ensure that anybody who feels there\'s even a slightest risk of this kind, can ascertain if all is well in their mouth and have a peace of mind, said Clove Dental.
The latest data shared by the ICMR’s National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR) show that about 11.5 lakh cases of cancer were reported across the country in 2018, as against 10 lakh cases in 2012. According to the India fact sheet of GLOBOCAN 2018, the number of people suffering from cancer of the lip and oral cavity increased to 119,992 in 2018 from 56,000 cases in 2012, which is a whopping 114 per cent rise in just six years.
Amarinder Singh, Harvard Business School alumnus and CEO of Clove Dental, said: “India’s largest macroscopic oral screening campaign is being undertaken at Clove Dental’s 287 clinics across the country. The screening takes 5-7 minutes and is designed to detect and save people from various life threatening diseases, which can primarily only be diagnosed by a dentist. The screening will be designed to detect white patches like Leukoplakia, Oral Lichen Planus, Submucous Fibrosis and other potentially life-threatening diseases including Oral cancer. The timing of this intervention couldn’t have been better.”
The huge rise in oral cancer cases is a result of increased consumption of alcohol and tobacco products, according to experts. The Indian subcontinent accounts for one third of the global burden of cancers of lip and oral cavity. Cancers of mouth and tongue, taken together, overshadow cancer of lung.
“Not many people know that even seemingly small problems like frequent tongue or cheek bite, or a non-healing ulcer can lead to major oral conditions. Further the symptoms like sensitivity, burning, bleeding gums or severe foul smell could be an indicator of brewing trouble. Indian food habits where chillies form an integral part of the food coupled with habits like consuming alcohol, smoking and khaini or tobacco chewing definitely generate an environment in mouth where dreaded diseases like pre-malignant lesions or Oral Cancer can develop,” says India’s leading dental care expert Lt Gen Dr Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer at Clove Dental.
“We are committed to enhance and generate people’s awareness on oral health care and the disease prevention; therefore we have launched this massive screening campaign across the country through our own resources. Oral health awareness is minimal and we have undertaken this task to use our 700 plus dentists across India to encourage people to get themselves checked oral hygiene,” adds Dr Arora.
Clove Dental has launched a multi-pronged awareness campaign to educate people on the significance of screening.

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