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Advantage Realty Enterprise Boosts Marketing Efforts With PWA

Breaking News: Advantage Realty Enterprise is announcing they are using new technology in Real Estate Marketing, a Progressive Web App.

Now there are real estate agents, and then there are Top Real Estate Agents! Any competitive advantage that helps one stand out from the crowd is worth noticing and implementing. One such advantage is a Progressive Web App.

We learned that Andre Fajardo of Advantage Realty Enterprise recently began exploring the emerging world of Progressive Web Apps. We wanted to inform the public about why he decided on this technology - that is one of the purposes of this press release. The other purpose of this announcement is to help educate business owners about how PWA's are different than traditional native apps.

Andre Fajardo said, "In order to survive one has to adapt and explore new channels, that's why at Advantage Realty Enterprise we have invested in Mobile communication as we move into 2019, that starts with a Progressive Web App."

Progressive web apps will be a bridge for those gaps between mobile app and website. In June 2017, Recode published a study that confirmed that many professionals are already spinning a language: the boom of traditional applications has passed, and the percentage of those who uninstall applications continues to grow. Obviously, there are many benefits for companies in implementing these technologies. For example:

Twitter Lite saw a 65% increase in pages per session, 75% in Tweets, and a 20% decrease in bounce rate. Twitter Lite loads in under 3 seconds for repeat visits even on slow networks.

Forbes progressive web app test saw 2 increase in average user session length, 6 completion rate, and 20% more impressions. Loads in 0.8s down from 3 to 12s. Forbes PWA loads in 2.5 seconds on mobile compared to 6.5 seconds for its previous site. Impressions per visit are up 10%. Forbes redesigned their mobile experience as a PWA resulting in 43% increase in sessions per user, add viewability up 20%, and 100% more engagement.

Lancmes progressive web app features a 17% increase in conversions, a 51% increase in mobile sessions overall and a 53% increase on iOS alone. Notifications contribute a 18% open rate and a 12% increase in recovered carts. 8% of people responding to a notification make a purchase. Since launching their PWA, Lancmes mobile sales have increased 16% year over year with overall speed increases of 50%.

Google found that Progressive Web App install banners convert 5-6 more often than native install banners.

Alibaba increased conversions on the mobile web by 76%, with 14% more monthly active users on iOS and 30% more on Android.

AliExpress has been on the forefront of mobile commerce, and based on the growth they see in this area they quickly developed their own PWA. With a reported 104% increase in conversion rates for new users gained with their Progressive Web App compared to their traditional website and mobile app, things are looking quite well for the Chinese company.

PWA's are not limited to just mobile devices, either. A PWA can be installed as a Chrome Web App in the desktop Chrome browser. And soon, high-quality PWAs will be indexed and included in the Microsoft Store alongside native Windows 10 applications, a clear indication of how much PWAs are changing the application landscape as a whole.

Progressive Web Apps make sense for real estate professionals.

Every Real Estate Company is looking to grow the firm and attract new customers, while offering exclusive perks to loyal clients.

A mobile progressive web app (PWA) does both and more.

There are many perks to having a PWA for those in real estate. For starters, having a mobile app can greatly improve customer service and communications for a real estate business. The phone number, address and email will be right at the fingertips of interested clients, and theyll be able to reach the company at the touch of a button. Realtors need to be easily accessible, and with a mobile app, they always are.

With younger clients looking to get into the housing market, every real estate professional will want to evolve their business to cater to them. Younger customers are more likely to use smart phones and utilize mobile apps. Having this marketing tool is a strategy that will really help you bring in young business and stay relevant into the ever changing market.

Business owners can also enable push notifications, which will alert clients as they travel to certain areas about local real estate they may be interested in. One can choose any location, and send all sorts of messages, including reminders, promotions, incentives, and more directly to a potential clients mobile device.

Andre Fajardo went on to say," Progressive Web Apps have hit the Sweet Spot between the web and mobile apps. The future is bright for Advantage Realty Enterprise as we continue to implement some of the most advanced technology and make the buying and selling process that much better for our clients."

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Contact Information

  • Name: Andre Fajardo

    Company: Advantage Realty Enterprise

    Telphone: -- , -

    Address: 4208 Six Forks Rd #1000