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Genomic Technologies Support Medical Research And Intervention With Advanced Solutions

2019-06-18 11:07:18 Health and Fitness


06 December 2018– 1010 Genome Pte Ltd., the Singapore based genomic technologies company announced the launch of groundbreaking solutions for life science research, clinical and biotech entities. Some of the innovative solutions developed include analysis of genetic variation and function. The developments in this field of research have helped organizations advance to levels that were not possible a few years back.

Offering further details, the CEO and Founder shared the company’s roadmap “It is our mission to deliver end-to-end solutions that meet the dynamic demands of life science research. Our focus has been on advanced solutions that make a positive impact on health and Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs).”

1010 Genome collaborates and works with others in the industry, helping in uncovering critical information. In the words of the CEO, “1010 Genome is involved in innovative sequencing services that help end users in translational medicine and consumer genomics which are at the very frontiers of medical intervention.” The effectiveness of intervention and preventive measures depends on exhaustive and detailed metabolic and functional profiling. The company through its impressive list of solutions that include illumina sequencing and bioinformatic analysis has been at the vanguard of research and development in genomics.

Among the uses that are most sought after are the exciting possibilities in rolling out targeted treatment and personalized medicine after detailed profiling. For instance, cancer genomics data that is analysed can be put to use to understand cancer biology. Many diseases are poorly understood largely as a result of a lack of the right kind of data. The solutions offered by 1010 Genome are intended to bridge this gap. With impressive infrastructure and a brilliant team of lab scientists, analysts, statisticians, computer experts and bioinformaticians, the company has crossed multiple milestones in its journey of delivering advanced solutions to industry.

The company also offers metagenomics analysis to check microbial samples for a distinct classification of species level taxonomy. This in turn helps to look at the metabolic pathway activities. The sequencing of the complete metagenome samples of multiple species that are present in environment samples are performed through the Whole Metagenome Sequencing. Analysis of the contiguous sequences help in the prediction of genes.

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