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Kurl-on launches India’s 1st sag proof mattress ‘STR8’ and Sleep Station “Mattress in a box” In Madhya Pradesh

2020-05-25 04:53:28 Home and Family


Kurl-on installs the first of its kind Solar Plant for the state of MP at Gwalior Factory
Indore, December 4, 2018: Kurl-on, India’s leading & largest selling mattress, home furniture and furnishing brand, today announced the launch of India’s 1st sag proof ‘STR8’ technology mattresses and ‘Sleep Station-Mattress in a Box’, two pioneering products highly relevant to young consumers, leading busy daily routines and looking for higher comfort and convenience.
‘Mattress in a box’ introduces to the domestic market a globally successful product, that enables the young, digital savvy consumer shop for mattresses as easily and quickly as he/she does for any of their other home furnishings. The product is specially designed with a responsive foam where mattress comes to its desired shape within 9 mins after 1st time unfolding. It is also designed for universal comfort level as it is not too firm nor too soft surface, which goes with all kinds of sleepers. The product is functional, easy to transport and could be very useful in extreme conditions of natural and man-made calamities. The mattress packed in an easy to carry box can either be purchased by customers online from the comfort of their homes or easily carried back home, from any of the Kurl-on brand outlets.
‘STR8’ technology is Kurl-on’s pioneering technology developed post the success of its earlier launched ‘Kurlopedic Technology’ and is a first of its kind product providing the right balance of firmness and softness in mattresses enabling appropriate muscle relaxation and growth, much needed for the vast majority, leading hectic lifestyles and exercising very less. Additionally, it makes the mattress 20-40% lighter, making it easy to use and maintain. The new technology to be introduced in Kurl-on’s coir mattresses at first, before it is gradually extended to the foam and spring mattresses as well will be a key differentiator for Kurl-on’s mattresses besides reiterating the brand’s synonymous association with quality, when it comes to mattresses. The two products are an addition to the recent launch of Kurl-on’s exclusive sofa range, catering to the hitherto untapped semi-premium market in India.
At a press conference held in the city today, Kurl-on also announced the installation of its 1st solar plant for its Gwalior factory with a 1 MW solar power generation unit for captive consumption, the first of its kind for the state of MP.
Speaking to media at the press conference, Mr. Ashutosh Vaidya said, “The Madhya Pradesh region is among the brand’s fastest growing, having grown by 26% and is expected to contribute 100 crore sales in the coming days. Kurl-on has been steadily expanding its product portfolio in the home furniture segment and we have 18 product categories and SKUs at present, including the recent launch of sofas that cater to the semi-premium segment. All of these products will be available at the exclusive brand outlets, besides our strong network of 100 franchise outlets across MP. He further added, “Our newly installed 1 MW solar plant at Gwalior factory will supply the energy consumption required for our manufacturing plant, which will help us cater to the growing demand in the region. The solar plant has the capacity of generating 1MW units every month, where only 40% is the requirement of the total power and the excess power is given to the grid, which will also facilitate in supplying energy requirement for the neighbouring cities.”
Elaborating on the uniqueness of the two newly launched product Mr. Ashutosh Vaidya, CMO, Kurl-on said “We have seen the market evolve and as a brand, we have grown with our customer to provide more and better quality of products, driven completely by consumer adoption and behavior insights. Who better than an undisputed market leader with more than 5 decades of delivering quality products to our loyal customers, to understand the need of the hour and come up with these two breakthrough products which is a result of our years of R&D efforts.”
About Kurl-on: Kurl-on is India's leading brand of mattresses, furniture and furnishing products in India. The brand is available across India through 7000+ multi brand outlets, 920 + Exclusive franchise outlets. Kurl-on has 72 branch and stock points and 10 strategically located manufacturing facilities across Karnataka, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Gujarat. With state-of-the-art technology, Kurl-on endeavors to improve standards in the Indian mattress and furniture industry besides being in tune with the changing needs of Indian consumer. For more information, do visit

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