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Jon Horn and Dera Johnsen-Tracey Published in AAII Journal

2019-07-21 09:15:43 Legal / Law


John Horn and Dera Johnsen-Tracy published an article, “Using Beneficiary-Directed Trusts to Protect Your Heirs,” in the October issue of the AAII Journal, the official publication of the American Institute of Individual Investors (AAII).

In their article, John and Dera summarize how beneficiary-directed trusts can be used in estate planning, provide the key attributes of this kind of trust, identify potential issues that should be mitigated when establishing such a trust, and why it is critical to work with an experienced estate planning attorney when establishing a beneficiary-directed trust.

To read the article please visit the AAII web site at

About the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII): The American Association of Individual Investors is an independent nonprofit corporation formed in 1978 for the purpose of assisting individuals in becoming effective managers of their own assets through programs of education, information and research. To learn more about AAII and become a member, please call (800) 428-2244 or (312) 280-0170, or visit their web site at

About Attorney John Horn: John Horn is a shareholder and co-founder with Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy of Horn & Johnsen SC. He is also president and CFO. John earned his doctorate of law and is a highly experienced attorney in his 25th year at the Wisconsin Bar. He has assisted thousands of families in estate planning, wills, trusts, business law, and real estate law.

About Attorney Dera Johnsen-Tracy: Dera Johnsen-Tracy is a shareholder and co-founder with John Horn of Horn & Johnsen SC. A 2008 graduate of Marquette University Law School, Dera also has 14 years of prior legal experience as a paralegal in Texas and Wisconsin. Dera’s extensive experience provides a strong and practical client-centered foundation for her legal practice in estate planning, wills, trusts.

About Horn & Johnsen SC: Horn & Johnsen SC is a prominent Wisconsin-based estate planning business that offers a wide variety of services to its clients. Offering comprehensive services such as wills and trusts, clients feel confident in working with the firm’s expert attorneys on life-changing matters. The firm’s professionals work side-by-side with clients to offer the best services available. Horn & Johnsen is also involved in guardianship, probate, real estate law, business law, bankruptcy, and multiple other areas of practice.

To contact John Horn or Dera Johnsen-Tracy, or for more information about Horn & Johnsen SC and its services, visit the Horn & Johnsen SC web site at or call 1-608-829-2525.

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