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3 TOP CAUSES OF SCIATICA AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM Guide released by San Mateo Chiropractor Dr Barry Canty

Chiropractic business, Dr Barry Canty Chiropractic, has published a new how-to guide dedicated to helping People with nerve pain due to Sciatica. This guide is to help people understand that there is no, Living with, sciatica. We have helped thousands of patients get back to pain free living.

Interested parties are invited to review the guide in full on their website:

Dr Barry Canty Chiropractic states that this accessible, easy to follow guide provides all of the information necessary to fully understand the topic, to get the results they want.

The Guide Covers: Osteoarthritis of the lower back vertebrae. - As the vertebrae degenerate their edges start to grow. This overgrowth creates what are called bone spurs. These spurs can grow into the opening the nerve root passes through, which can cause an irritation of the entire sciatic nerve. Or, the osteoarthritis can lead to the disc breaking down and getting thinner.

A disc has two main jobs:

The disc acts as a shock absorber between the vertebrae.

The disc acts as a spacer creating room between the vertebrae.

The degeneration, or thinning of the disc, decreases the amount of room the nerve root has to pass through since the space has been reduced. This can lead to pressure being exerted on the nerve root which causes irritation of the sciatic nerve. Disc Herniation. - What most people are surprised to learn, it is impossible for a healthy disc to herniate, slip or bulge. The amount of force it would take to herniate a healthy disc, would cause the vertebrae above and/or below to be crushed first.

Therefore, for a disc to herniate, slip or bulge, there must be degeneration to the vertebrae above and/or below first. This problem with the vertebrae will lead to a weakness in the disc that allows the disc to then herniate. As the disc herniates, it can place pressure on?You guessed it, the nerve root. This can cause irritation of the entire sciatic nerve.

The Piriformis muscle. - The what? Most people have never heard of the piriformis muscle. It is a relatively small muscle located in your buttock, (you have one on each side). Here is how it relates to sciatica the sciatic nerve travels right in front of the piriformis muscle. If you have any contraction or problem with that muscle it can place pressure directly onto the sciatic nerve and create pain. This is much different than the first two causes, which place pressure on the nerve root as it enters the sciatic nerve. The piriformis makes contact with the fully formed sciatic nerve.

When asked for more information about the guide, the reasons behind creating a guide on 3 TOP CAUSES OF SCIATICA AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM and what they hope to accomplish with it, Dr. Barry Canty, Chiropractor at Dr Barry Canty Chiropractic said: "If you are experiencing the pain of sciatica my heart goes out to you. I know firsthand how painful and disabling this condition can be. The unremitting pain, the burning, the throbbingWell, if youve never experienced it, you just cant relate. There is help for you."

People with nerve pain due to Sciatica and anybody interested in 3 TOP CAUSES OF SCIATICA AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT THEM are invited to review the how-to guide online:

More information about Dr Barry Canty Chiropractic itself can be found at   

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    Company: Dr Barry Canty Chiropractic

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    Address: 32 W 25th Ave #100