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Aspose Launches New Java APIs for Creating & Manipulating XPS Documents

2019-07-21 02:28:09 Computer


Aspose is proud to expand its Java APIs family with the addition of a new product known as Aspose.XPS for Java. This Java API has been built to allow developers to create, edit and save new as well as existing XPS documents. You can utilize the API in Desktop GUI Applications, Web Applications and Console Applications etc. Various features regarding creating objects in XPS documents, editing shapes and adding transparency have been offered in first version of the API. First version of Aspose.XPS for Java focuses on providing functionality to create and manipulate XPS documents. There are some important features part of this release, such as Add Gradient in XPS Document, add Image inside XPS Documents, add Pages to XPS Document, add Shapes in XPS Documents, manipulate Text inside XPS Documents, add Transparent Object inside XPS Document, Set Opacity Mask and add Grid using Visual Brush. The list of important features are provided below

• Create and Edit XPS Documents
• Add or Remove Pages of XPS Documents
• Work with Canvases, Paths and Glyphs Elements
• Create vector graphics shapes (Path element) using a set of primitives (elliptical arcs, Bezier curve segments and straight line segments)
• Create text strings (Glyphs element)
• Group elements (Canvas element) to manipulate a group as a whole
• Manipulate the appearance of graphics and text strings
• Use brushes of different types including solid color brush, image brush, visual brush etc.
• Specify colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB and any space based on ICC profile
• Manipulate user intent and device configuration information (print tickets)

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.XPS for Java documentation that may guide users briefly how to use Aspose.GIS for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Product Overview:

- Add Image inside XPS Documents:

Overview: Aspose.XPS for Java

Aspose.XPS for Java provides extensive manipulation capabilities for XPS files without requiring any additional software. Aspose.XPS for Java allows to create and edit the XPS files as well as provides the ability to manipulate document pages & elements, create vector graphics, group shapes and specifying colors in different color spaces including sRGB, scRGB, and any space based on ICC profile. Aspose.XPS for Java provides extensive support for page manipulation. You can add a page to the end of the page list or insert it at any specified position. Java XPS API also allows to remove pages, select a page by number as “active” or create a page without binding it to the document.

More about Aspose.XPS for Java

- Homepage of Aspose.XPS for Java:

- Download Aspose.XPS for Java:

- Online documentation Aspose.XPS for Java:

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