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.NET Standard 2.0 Support & Control File Compression while Saving FBX using .NET/Java

2019-06-14 10:44:57 Computer


Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.3D for .NET & Java 18.10. This release includes long awaited feature of Support for .NET Standard 2.0 (.NET Core) Framework. Several other performance related enhancements have also been incorporated in this release. Aspose.3D API provides users even better control over their applications. This release has added EnableCompression property to FBXSaveOptions class, which allows users to decide if users want to enable or disable file compression while saving FBX file. It also enhanced FBX import performance and FBX Binary write performance. Few other exceptions pertaining to huge FBX file have also been rectified. This release includes plenty of new features as listed below

• Support for .NET Core platform
• Allow user to turn off compression when saving FBX binary files
• Improve FBX import performance
• Improve FBX Binary write performance
• ImportException while opening huge FBX files
• Problem with UnitScaleFactor property

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.3D for .NET documentation that may guide users briefly how to use Aspose.3D for performing different tasks like the followings.

- Use of the FBX Save Options:

- Reading a 3D Scene:

Overview: Aspose.3D for .NET

Aspose.3D for .NET is a feature-rich component and class library for .NET that empowers Mono and .NET application including ASP.NET, Windows Forms and Web Services to connect with prevalent 3D document formats automatically without the 3D modeling and rendering software being installed on the server. It supports FBX (ASCII, Binary) and STL (ASCII, Binary) file formats and developers can easily create, read, convert, modify and control the substance of these 3D document formats using Aspose.3D API.

More about Aspose.3D for .NET

- Homepage of Aspose.3D for .NET:

- Download Aspose.3D for .NET:

- Online documentation of Aspose.3D for .NET:

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