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DJP Solicitors Emerges as One of the Most Widely Trusted Group of Employment Lawyers in Aberdeen

2019-06-19 03:37:12 Legal / Law


As a firm comprising qualified and experienced lawyers of the city, DJP Solicitors has been helping its clients always get fair treatment at work. They have also resolved a large number of cases pertaining to redundancy related job losses. With a high success rate, the team has emerged as one of the most trusted groups of solicitors in Aberdeen.

Redundancy is a situation wherein work for employees just disappears from the organisation. As technology continues to evolve, several jobs have been turned redundant. Machines and automation have largely taken over. However, these workers have certain legal rights and they cannot be abruptly fired on the pretext of redundancy. That’s where DJP Solicitors is helping its clients with.

There are many workers who are pretty experienced in their respective domains but are not well aware of their rights as employees. The lawyers at DJP Solicitors help them avoid those unfair dismissals that not only affect their earnings but also their job prospects. Another thing that makes DJP Solicitors a preferred source of help in legal matters is their ability to explain matters without using heavy jargons.

In the words of 52 year old Fiona Johnson (name changed upon request), “It was a traumatic experience when I lost my job in the name of redundancy. Mine may have been a plain data entry job but I was at it for past 10 years and was doing well at it. When they started using algorithms to make the entries, I was asked to leave. Thank goodness, my niece recommended DJP Solicitors and I got the benefits that a worker is normally entitled to in face of redundancy. I plan to retire soon but at least I now have a decent amount for sustainable living thanks to the new job I got after leaving that company. I am really thankful to DJP team for their support.”

The law firm also takes up cases that concern family law in the UK and has helped numerous clients in matters related to divorce and child custody.

About DJP Solicitors

DJP Solicitors is a team of qualified and experienced lawyers practising in Aberdeen. The team comprises Dean Purdie who specialises in Employment Law & Civil Court Cases and Steven Ritchie, a Senior Associate Solicitor who is a Family Law specialist. It was Dean who established DJP in 2008. He frequently appears in courts and tribunals. On behalf of his clients he has the experience of dealing with array of cases in legal forums that range from the Sheriff Courts, Employment Tribunals to professional disciplinary bodies.

Steven became a part of DJP Solicitors brand in 2011 after years of legal practice in Edinburgh and the North-East of Scotland. He practises exclusively in family law cases and ensures that the interests of his clients are protected in these sensitive issues.

Contact Information
DJP Solicitors
257 Holburn Street
Aberdeen AB10 7FL
Phone: 01224 590053
Fax: 01224 592970

Company :-DJP Solicitors

User :- Dean Purdie


Phone :---

Mobile:- 01224-590053

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