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Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Suburbs Launches Professional Assistance to Defence Law Cases

2019-08-18 08:18:46 Legal / Law


Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Suburbs – Brigitte Simeonides & Associates give law assistance to help people defend their cases. The law firm, comes with various services to make sure that their clients will get the help that most suits their needs.

Sydney is a metropolitan city, many people from various backgrounds, ethnics, and races live together. The increasing number of people, both who live permanently or stay temporarily in the city every year contributes to the increasing number of criminal acts. Some of those people who are involved in criminal cases are fortunate enough to easily get law assistance from criminal solicitors Sydney and some others are not.

Most of the time, criminal charges will not be limited to offences like robbery, murder, and major frauds. However, for the lesser crimes which are also called summary offences, people might also need to have the assistance of a criminal solicitor to help win the cases. Brigitte Simeonides & Associates – Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Suburbs is a well-reputed law firm located in Sydney that has a strong dedication to providing people with proper law assistance. The law firm is supported by a team consisting of the best criminal solicitor Sydney.

The law firm has various services to offer to the clients. The Sydney criminal lawyer of Brigitte Simeonides & Associates will provide clients with legal advice needed related to their cases. The lawyers will also represent clients at the court whenever it is necessary. Clients can discuss whether they should plead guilty or otherwise with the lawyers.

“The law does not require a defence lawyer, but neither police nor prosecutors may deny representation to any defendant who chooses to invoke this right. Defence solicitors serve many purposes and can often greatly improve the outcome of a case. They work to ensure that courts do not wrongfully convict defendants or impose excessive sentences for convictions,” said Dianne Freed, a law consultant.

About Company

Brigitte Simeonides & Associates – Criminal Lawyers and Suburb is a law firm dedicated to helping people involved in any kinds of law cases and to defend them. The law firm is supported by professional and experienced lawyers to represent the clients at court. The services provided by Brigitte Simeonides & Associates also includes giving law advice related to legal problems. For more information about the firm, please do not hesitate to visit

Contact info:

Criminal Lawyers Sydney and Suburbs – Brigitte Simeonides & Associates

Level 25, 88 Phillip Street

Aurora Place

Sydney NSW 2000

Phone Number: (02) 9533 2269

Company :-criminal solicitors Sydney

User :- Brigitte Simeonides & Associates


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