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Prestigious Social Club for Billionaires, Millionaires, Industry Titans and CEOs Now Accepting VIP Applications

2019-08-02 05:18:25 Automotive


Online social networking site Elite Boyz & Girlz Club has launched new membership services for luxury car owners and individuals with high net worth. The club is by invitation only and prospective members need to apply via their website and fit a certain, strict criteria to be approved and the ability to afford the lowest entry Gold level of $10,000 to $250,000 for the Diamond membership.

More information can be found here:

The world can be a cruel and bitter place when you are alone at the top. It doesn't have to be that way. There are many other individuals in their own industry who have achieved a certain level of success that only very few others can comprehend. The Elite Boyz & Girlz Club understands you and can allow you to socialize with other successful individuals in the spirit of high networth networking.

Our exclusive application and invitation club is for the most discerning people who want to be able to meet and greet other power players in the game of life. Elite Boyz & Girlz Club is now accepting applications to join their prestigious members club. Membership includes social outings giving the chance for billionaires, CEOs, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and luxury car owners to mingle and socialize with like-minded people.

To Apply To Be Considered For Membership visit

Everyone has to apply through the website and must go through an in-depth assessment in order to achieve membership status. Only the VIP will make it into the club, as standards need to be high when the stakes are high. There will be no exceptions as celebrities, famous dj's, models and the elite will coalesce into the most prolific social group in history.

People who own luxury cars can qualify to be members including owners of ultra luxury, exotic, super, hyper, elite and antique cars. Activities often include driving, so people who own luxury cars will be given preference over those who do not. Other events may include owners of Yachts, Private Jets, Helicopters and Private Island outings that will etch those memories into your soul.

The club founded by entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor Romeo Sykes, the President of High Net Worth Socializing, has recognized the challenge that he and his fellow high net worth friends faced when meeting people and having fun. He started the club with the intention of making it easier for busy, successful professionals to meet up from all around the world to have fun and form lifetime relationships and friendships with the intention of bringing every High Net Worth individuals from America, Israel, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Los Angeles, Miami, Dubai, China, Japan, Europe, Middle East and all High Net Worth people to join in the revelry of life.

Members will create memories for a lifetime from Island excursions, mansion soirees, drive getaways, theme events and entire hotel rentals for VIP weekends with models, celebrities, high net worth individuals and you. We are your social fantasy come true club.

The two other co-founders are Richard Troutner and David Cardone. Richard is the Vice President of Excitement to help document the legendary adventures of the Elite Boyz and Girlz Club to be forever emblazoned in the annals of Supercar Saturdays. David Cardone rounds out the trio as the Vice President of FUN. His job, taken extremely seriously, is to ensure the superb quality of excitement, adventure, high end party locations and jubilation.

The Elite Boyz & Girlz Club will be participating at the next Lamborghini Broward Supercar Saturdays and we encourage everyone to come out and join us at this amazing event that showcases the hottest cars and owners in South Florida.

For More Information about the Founders visit

More information can be found and applications can be submitted at the link above

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