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Texas Cart Builder Talks About The Type Of Equipment & Accessories You Require To Run Your Hot Dog Cart

2019-08-25 10:34:37 Automotive


Texas Cart Builder, a leading hot dog cart manufacturer in Texas talks about the type of equipment & accessories you require to run your hot dog cart successfully.

Selling hot dogs is an excellent way to earn money as you can do this full time, or you can do it on weekends as a part time job. Being mobile is certainly the best part of operating a hot dog cart business, since it allows you to move freely & at your own pace. However, hot dog stands need much more than simply a cart, hot dogs and buns. Being a leading Hot Dog Cart Manufacturer in Texas, we think we can help you in having knowledge about these equipment and accessories. Here is a partial list of the equipment & accessories you will require for your hot dog cart.

Chip clip display rack: This display rack allows the cart operator to showcase & sell bags of nachos, potato chips and pretzels among others without occupying much cart space. Rest assured that this’ll add to your food menu & profit also.

Bun holder: Stainless steel "dog sled" style bun holder lets the cart operator to prepare & dress 7 buns at a time for quick customer service.

Portable 12-volt DC refrigerator: This appliance will certainly add safety and convenience to any hot dog vending cart. The rechargeable 12-volt battery supplies the much required electricity without the requirement for an additional power source.

Double propane tanks: With a gross weight of 20 lbs, this’ll offer additional supply when employing gas appliances such as fryer or the barbecue.

Stainless steel sink divider: Some local health departments need a metal separating panel between sinks for the purpose of keeping hygiene.

Griddle ($500): Converts any hot dog cart with a burner system into a immediate griddle cart. The unit is detachable & washable.

Countertop fryer: With a 13 lb fat capacity, the unit boasts a stainless steel fry tank, stainless steel construction, safety pilot, and high limit control.

3-comparment sink: A stainless steel sink with 3 detach compartments boasting a chrome swivel valve for easy washing and also hot & cold water valves. A copper drain system can also be installed for the discharge of waste water.

Stainless steel 6-inch tongs: You will require this item to handle hot foods & meet local food safety rules.

Mounted fire extinguisher: This’s a most recommended safety feature if your hot dog cart has a fryer installed.

About the company:
Texas Cart Builder is a Texas based manufacturer specializing in building concession trailers high quality customized food trucks, catering trucks, coffee and specialty kiosks, and hot dog carts.

Company :-Texas Cart Builder

User :- Randy Travis


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