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Launch Of Unique Design Bulk Bags For Commercial Use

2019-08-06 07:52:05 Industry


A new series of bulk carriers are introduced by Brisbane with slight changes in design that would endear far better strength, durability and life to products stored in its upkeep.

Brisbane bag have over the years combat intense competition to create a brand name for self in the world of packaging industry. The quality of material, services and pricing, we have been at par with market expectations with our reliable production of fibc bulk bags and excellence in services.

Commercial enterprises use flexible intermediate bulk bags to store, package, transport, and manage waste to ensure profits to business as well perform its social responsibility of taking care of environment hand in hand. We were one of the first who made transformation from Hessian to polypropylene made carriers. As the former constantly faced challenges and failed the standard quality checks, the company after much research and study showed trust on physically strong synthetic plastics.

The thick material of polypropylene, its protective features and physical features stand them apart from other carriers available in the market. They have been updated from time to time to qualify, quality checks with distinction over the years. Apart from the material, there are been some prominent changes in its design to cater to need and requirements of companies spread across industry and sectors.

The diverse shapes and sizes would store varied weight, quantity, quality and form of products in diverse collection of carriers. The products are available in solid, liquid and powder form which would be filled and transport easily in its spacious compartments. The waste can also be transported with surety as the bag acts as barrier between toxic substances and elements of nature.
The innovation in design is also incorporated in terms of its easy opening and dispatch options.

The carriers from Brisbane are inbuilt with varied styles of opening options like flasks, spouts, duffle and clip seals. They make the task of loading and dispatching the products easier to perform.

The management promises affordable and wholesale rates on investment. They also guarantee a 10 %clash in prices if other company offers bulk packaging bags at lesser rates than their carriers.

About Us

At Brisbane bags, we provide services to suppliers, customers and partners to fulfil requirements of daily storage, package and transport of products varying across industries and sectors. They use environment friendly material to contribute to society. Place an order at website. For more information, contact us at 0452 586 452.

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